Let's breakdown Mandura's Straight Line Forced Matrix Compensation Plan.  First some commentary…

There is an interesting dynamic to the Binary and Matrix plans these days.  They allow people who are not making any money to feel a sense of success because they have people "on their team".

Binary and Matrix plans give people a neat answer when they get asked, "how is your business going?".  The Matrix wonder kid gets to say something like, "my business grew by 25 people yesterday, alone!".

But what does that 25 people equate to in income?  The answer is more often than not, ZERO.

It's time for a dose of reality.  If you have 1,000 people on your team and you are making $4.76/month in your business, you are not a success in Network Marketing.

Let's take a look at the Mandura plan specifically….

1. How much would you make if you bought your product every month but never recruited anyone yet had $100,000 of volume in your downline?  The answer is ZERO DOLLARS.

It's hype, smoke and mirrors.  It's cool to say that you have a business that does $100,000 in volume, but when you don't make a penny on that business, the coolness will begin to wear off.

2. Does the one line volume help me qualify for rank advancement?

The answer to this question is a little tricky.  Yes and No.  Yes your TV (Total Volume) helps you qualify, but you must also qualify with PV (Personal Volume).  So again, more illusion of success as your TV grows, yet no real reward.

Last word: Trust your own instincts.  If your hype-meter is going off, dig deeper into the compensation plan and details.  Also keep in mind, there has only been one Matrix plan that I know of that has lasted any real time in this industry and if someone answers a "how much are you making?" question with "I have 1,000 people on my time." Run the other way.

By Ty Tribble

Ty Tribble founded the MLM Blog in 2003, has studied more than 300 Network Marketing compensation plans and was the top recruiter and # 1 team builder in a company with 40,000 associates prior to becoming the Master Distributor at EIRO Research.