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Mary Kay consultant scores fourth pink Cadillac


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From OC Register:

 I'm gonna get me a Cadillac too, if it's the last thing I do —
Stray Cats song that plays on Patricia Schneider's answering machine.

I don't wear makeup (unless I'm going somewhere fancy) so the idea of selling it, doesn't appeal to me. But the idea of someone giving me a free pink Cadillac does.

It always sounded like some kind of urban legend though: So there was this lady who sold so much makeup, they gave her a pink Cadillac.

But no, it turns out Mary Kay really does hand out pink Cadillacs, because this is a story about a woman who got not one, but four.

And to hear her tell it, it wasn't all that tough.

Although she is one of only 11 Mary Kay reps in The OC driving a pink Cadillac, so don't get too excited, ladies.


Patricia Schneider graduated from Thousand Oaks High in 1986 and set out to become a beauty pageant queen and movie star.

She was crowned Miss Conejo Valley 1987 and Miss Studio City in '88 and then Miss Century City in '89. All three titles sent her to the Miss California U.S.A. Pageant, and the last two times she made it to the top 15 finalists, but her dream stopped there.

During her reigns, she worked various jobs – a clerk at a law firm, a fit model for bathing suits and bridal gowns; traveling to car shows as a Buick spokesmodel, opening car doors and trunks and showing off features.

She also landed a role playing volleyball pro Sinjin Smith's girlfriend in the 1990 beach volleyball movie "Side Out." And she played Mandy, the principal killed by a tractor combine (you might remember her coughing up a bucket of fake blood) in the 1988 slasher movie "Hollow Gate."

But, Patricia says, she got more propositions than parts. "The casting couch was alive and well when I was there."

Around the time she was beginning to realize Hollywood "was not the place for me," she met a Mary Kay rep at an acting class in Burbank.

Georgie drove a pink Cadillac. She told Patricia that Mary Kay gave it to her. And she invited Patricia to stop by her house one night to be the model for a makeup party.

At the time, Patricia was driving a Toyota Celica with 150,000 miles on it. "I thought, 'Wow, I could really use a free car.'"

But she doubted she'd fit in. "I thought it was old lady makeup."

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  1. Stories like this are great for the industry. Hard work and motivation anyone can succeed. It has been a while since I last saw a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac in person.

    As a kid my friends mom was a Pink Caddy earner with Mary Kay. I remember how excited she was taking it to deliver her customers orders.


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