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Minerva Worldwide Launch Date


No official word on the Miverva Wordwide main site but according to a company Facebook update, it looks like Minverva Worldwide is set to open their doors on Tuesday, April 17th at 9pm Pacific.

From the website:

Minerva Worldwide, Inc. is a corporation developing MinervaPlace.com, designed to become the “go to” site for those seeking rich content on weight loss and related health and beauty guidance.

While the heart of Minerva Place is to help members lose weight as well as look and feel better, the soul of the community is a commitment to overall wellness. Our visitors and members, both men and women across a broad demographic, will interact online and offline on topics about which they are passionate. 

It will be interesting to see how another weight loss/health and beauty company survives in today’s marketplace.  The name attached to Minerva that I recognize the most is Jimmy Kossert, VP of Sales.  Jimmy reportedly built a team of 200,000 reps in Enrich.


  1. For anyone that is wondering, Minerva Worldwide opened up to alliates on April 30 , to allow new members to sign up for the business opportunity, on May 7 Minerva Place will go live to the public. The site will include articles related to Health, Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition. There will also be a cooking show segment, as well as many other things to check out. It is FREE to enjoy the site, or you can become a premier member for $19.95/year which a portion of that membership fee goes to support the fight against childhood obesity. Hope that helps shed a light on this opportunity.

  2. Minerva Worldwide will be launching Monday, April 30th. The site is currently closed for data integration.

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