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MLM Blog Makeover


I launched the MLM Blog in October of 2003 and over the years, the site has undergone a number of redesigns, including a pick up and move from Typepad to WordPress.

Check out what my blog looked like back in 2003:

I had no idea what I was doing but that ugly blog laid the groundwork for the success that I have today.

Over the last couple of months, I have wanted to make some subtle changes to my design, not huge stuff but a few things to spruce it up a bit.

So I got in touch with Rick Robbins, the Lead Developer over at WordPress Makeover after seeing the work he did on David Wood’s blog.

We talked about a few changes and Rick got right to work.  One thing I wanted to do was add a little bit more of my personal brand to the site without overwhelming it with “Ty Tribble” everywhere and I think Rick did a great job there.

The other thing Rick did was give my sidebar opt-in a much needed makeover.

If your blog needs a makeover (and 99% of the ones I see do!), hurry on over to WordPress Makeover and have Rick work his magic for you.

FYI: I am not an affiliate of WordPress Makeover and I do not get paid for sending people to the web site.


  1. Thanks for the tip on using these guys. Your blog looks great and has a good flow. Personal recommendation goes a long way these days.

  2. Having a great blog name like mlmblog already sets you apart from others. Great makeover and surely it will add lots of additional fans. Having 9 years of active history is a great success and it gets better and better!

  3. Hi

    Today in this difficult times when each one of us is looking for every possible way to add his or her income, one simply cannot afford to ignore Affiliate or Network marketing and your website is really a big help to those who are serious about network marketing including me.

    Alok Agarwal


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