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MLM Blog Poll: Do You Use A Blog In Your Marketing?


I haven’t done an MLM Blog Poll in a while so I thought it would be cool to bring it back. Let me know what you think…

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"Ty Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur, author and Work At Home Dad who lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur and Success From Home magazine and is considered by many as the # 1 blogger in the world on the subject of Network Marketing. Author of the book, ‘Double Your Income with Network Marketing’, Ty teaches lead generation strategies through social media and blogging to tens of thousands of Network Marketers around the world."


  1. Using a blog is a great way to build YOU.inc.
    There are still a lot of marketers out there that forget about the importance of branding themselves first.
    We have to remember that people join people not companies.

  2. i want to know how it is that i have friends as well as myself that have gotten involved with MLM and have shot to the moon in months and other work their tails off and go no where


  3. Yes I definitely use blogging in my marketing due to the extra leads it produces. Building trust is crucial, and a blog can do that!


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