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MLM Expert, Len Clements On The Amway Global Compensation Plan


By Ty Tribble, MLM Blog Founder

I was listening to a recent podcast from MLM Expert, Len Clements and he said something about the Amway compensation plan that I found very interesting.  Mr. Clements is a court certified expert in MLM/Network Marketing and founder of Market Wave Inc,  in case you were wondering about his credentials.

So here is a quote from Mr. Clements about the Amway Compensation Plan:

"The Amway Compensation Plan is one of the worst plans in the industry."

Hmmm.  That sounds really familiar.  Oh yeah, that's what I have been saying about the Amway/Quixtar plan for years.  Here is a link to the podcast where Len makes the statement.  The podcast is one hour and forty minutes long and the quote is near the end .

Back to Amway Global…

Amway is an $8 Billion company, but my guess is that only 10% (roughly $800 Million) of that volume comes from the U.S., down from an estimated $2 to $3 Billion in the 90's.

Is Amway Global a good business opportunity in the U.S.?

Let's answer that with a couple of questions…

1. Can you name a Network Marketing company that has a worse reputation than Amway/Quixtar?

2. Can you name a company that has a worse dollar to volume ratio than Amway/Quixtar? In other words, how much does it cost you to do your 100 points?

Amway Global has a Stairstep Breakaway Plan (not a Unilevel Plan like some folks at MonaVie claim).  The Stairstep Breakaway plan is typically considered as a plan that is disproportionately weighted towards the back end.  In general, top earners typically (not always) do fairly well and the mid to low ranks suffer.

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  1. at the amway meeting they always push the hotel meeting's tapes, cd's, book's and bbs meeting's that how the king pins make there money. and they tell you that's the only way you can go diamond in the business.

  2. There are so many people out there that say all networking marketing companies are scams and that the people at the top only make money. The mlm industry has created more millionaires than any other industry.

    • It’s funny that everyone thinks that only those at the top of the Amway Business make money. Think about it, how do they think those people at the top got to the top in the first place. I am an Amway IBO, and I come from a low class family in Naples, FL. It doesn’t take much to succeed if you have the motivation and dedication to yourself and your dreams. Why not read the books if they are going to help you? Who the heck gives a dang who makes the money, as long as in the end, I make money. I started at the bottom, now I’m one of the top in my team and will soon be blowing by the individual that recuited me and is sponsoring me. Those that complain about the system are always the ones who failed. They failed cause they didn’t want to put forth the effort. They failed because they believed that this was some kind of get rich quick system. Do your research people. We are backed by the Federal Trade Commission. Show me another 8 billion dollar company that does what we do and is debt free. You won’t find it. Who cares if a lot of the money generated isn’t coming from within the U.S? The money is still flowing in. The U.S. is still gonna benefit. Amway is American Way. It’s in America. It went global. It’s better and bigger than any other network marketing firm for a reason. And, yes, many people say that all network marketing systems are scams. But remember, that’s why they stand where they do, and we stand where we do.

      • Tito, you need to do your research. Amway is NOT backed by the Federal Trade Commission and who cares if they own an island and a basketball team? The company is making money but are you?

  3. I agree with Steven, this industry has created many millions for people worldwide. It’s unfortunate that due to certain individuals the industry is given a bad name. However if someone is determined to succeed they will carry out their research to see for themselves.

  4. I agree Mehak. The people who gave up early are the ones bad mouthing this industry. They probably didn’t even give this opportunity a proper attempt. You have to work hard to succeed and thats for everything in this world. Nothing comes easy.

  5. You were probably in the amway business and thought you can sit down on your couch and make money. You really gotta put your effort in MLM business. I am a ibo for amway now and probably make more money then you. On top of that I’m only 18.

  6. It;s funny that the top ecnomists in the world disagree and that 2 major authors in the world on leadership endorsed the Amway Global/Quixtar company. It’s also amusing that major compaies such as best buy, sears, Compaq, Microsoft and Intel all wanted to be on board with a comapany that has the worst compensation plan. Maybe it’s because the ones out there that may have a better comp plan are also illegal and wont be around for very long. It’s only a matter of time before the federal government catches up with them and who will be left standing?

    • Anyone who thinks that Amway is a good opportunity in the United States is simply not looking at alternatives in the industry. There are better, more innovative products lines, there are better compensation plans and there are far better reputations. it has nothing to do with Best Buy and Sears. This blog is “in business” with Best Buy as an affiliate.

  7. Thank goodness for Amway, who paved the way for many of us. Most all of us actually.

    They were a pioneer in offering mindset training and personal development. While I never built a business there, I am grateful that they have stood the test of time for the rest of us!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer


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