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I found this interesting Networker's Hall of Fame list on Doug Wead's Blog:

Here's an excerpt:

Having traveled the world for many years now and spoken at
networking conventions and met and known many of its leaders, here is
my own subjective list for a networker’s hall of fame.

I have not included many of the legendary founders, like Rich Devos,
Jay Van Andal, David McConnell, Mary Kay Ash, Mark Hughes, Aaron
Garrity, Gary Hollister, Kent Wood, Bryan Davis, nor did I include the
popular speakers, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Billy Zeoli and Robert
Kiyosaki.  Maybe someday I will do those lists.  But each one of the
following men and women actually built their own significant, personal
networks into the hundreds of thousands.

Many on this list have made mistakes but so to have most of the rest
of us.  And some have done extraordinary things for their countries and
the world. They work with different companies and each have their
different ideas and personalities.  What they have in common is
uncommon results.

Nowadays, there are many phony “trade lists” of income earners
floated on the internet by shill websites.  Some of them list names of
leaders who have been paid out huge sign up bonuses.  Some have never
sponsored a single person themselves. But I have met most of the people
on my list and spoken to their groups in coliseums or soccer stadiums
and been in their homes and I can say that their accomplishments are

Read the complete list at Doug Wead's Blog


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