Before I get into some nuts and bolts about lead capture pages, lets define what a lead capture page is.  A lead capture page is a web page designed specifically to capture a persons name and email address (or additional information).

Click here to view a sample lead capture page.

Most companies supply their distributors some sort of replicated web sites.

Click here to view a sample of a replicated web site (not mine).

If you want to use the Internet in building your business, I highly recommend creating a lead capture page. You can waste a lot of money by sending Google traffic to your replicated site.

Some companies do not allow their name to be used on your lead capture page, but don’t worry.  You want to focus on the benefits and strong points of the company, not the company name.

So let’s pick what I consider to be the most difficult to build company in the world and create a short capture page about Amway/Quixtar.

Why Roll The Dice With A Start Up Company That May Not Be In Business Next Week When You Can Partner With A Multi-Billion Dollar Company’s New Launch?

Ready to get your piece of a $5 Billion Industry?

Fill Out The Simple Form Below and I Will Send You My Free Report About This Opportunity…

(End Sample)

I would probably go into a little more detail with some additional benefits and bullet points but the lead capture page isn’t meant to convince anyone of anything.  It is simply meant to squeeze the name, phone number and email address out of the person reading.

If you are interested in creating a lead capture page and system to help you build your business online, check out my Internet Success Template Coaching.  I can walk you through the whole process and get you started on the path to creating your own leads without chasing down your neighbors, friends and relatives.