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Ready for something new?

Today, I am launching a new section of the MLM Blog Network today called MLM Uncensored.

The concept is pretty simple.

We set up a blog about a Network Marketing company but we don’t express any opinions about the company.  The opinions come from you. 

Your comments drive the content of the blog.  I am calling it MLM Uncensored because I am not going to moderate the comments (except for obvious cases of spam). 

You are free to post links to your company web sites, you are free to post your opinions…good, bad and ugly. The conversation is 100% yours.  I might join in the conversation now and then but I will drive the boat (so to speak).

So, I need your help to get the ball rolling.  A new company called Zrii has made a bit of a splash in the industry so Zrii gets the first MLM Uncensored site.

Check out Zrii Uncensored here.

Update: MonaVie Uncensored and Body Alive Uncensored are now live.

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  1. Hi, Great Idea. I always love to read updates on the Network Marketing MLM scene.
    I was with one company for 20 years "A" and enjoyed it very much except that the Pay Plan was terrible for expanding International.
    3 Years ago I joined a company that started in 1994 and is expanding around the world and pays for my efforts back here in the USA.But the real key is that they have a product that really works and they have the science and Patents behind it.
    I would love to be a big part of this Blog it sounds cool.


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