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MLM Watch Dog Rod Cook’s New Legal MLM Pay Plans


Americas MLM Marketing Consultants Announce Four New Legal MLM Pay Plans

The Oracle of MLM Compensation Plans has fixed the problems with many mlm compensation plans today. The Binary, the matrix even the uni-level and home party comp plans have been brought into complete compliance and profit for everyone.

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) June 14, 2010 — Americas MLM Consultants and Rod Cook announced today the availability of four new Patent Pending MLM-Network Marketing Compensation Pay Plans. These new compensation plans are compliant in accordance with the new guidelines set forth by the FTC as well as the State Attorney Generals who have recently attacked MLM companies throughout the entire MLM industry.

Rod Cook, author, computer program consultant and creator of over 350 pay plans modeling Network Marketing and Party Plan compensation plans which determine the payout on four basic MLM pay plans and hybrids, has announced that he is releasing these patent pending compensation plans in order to stay in compliant with the new laws and to help MLM and networking marketing companies to succeed.

With the recent shut down of the ever popular Burn Lounge Pyramid drastic measure had to be taken to protect the integrity of the entire industry and Rod Cook of America’s MLM Consultants took it upon himself to fix the problem. Cook stated that "we are here to help companies with our MLM Compensation Pay Plan Library which provides the most accurate information on MLM compensation pay plans and trends." You can view the library at: mlmconsultant.com/mlmlibrary.htm.

With a more revolutionary Binary compensation pay plan Patent Pending design by Rod Cook which was established to help save the Binary pay plan from legal attacks by AG’s and the FTC and with the new court decisions coming out and making it a firm requirement to have customers, this changes everything for the industry. The new binary provides companies with a plan to stay compliant and to grow as a company.

Cook shares that "with the revolutionary new Uni-level compensation pay plan which includes some secret elements make it competitive with the Binary Compensation pay plan. Like the Colonel I have included the secret ingredient that will revolutionize this compensation plan,"

"The Matrix MLM Network Marketing Compensation pay plan has long been oversold," states Cook, "and now that is fixed and in compliance with the release of this new radical Matrix Compensation Plan . Any top Distributor can tell you that this is a great matrix because customers don’t clutter up the matrix and money flows therefore creating more success for more people."

You may contact Rod or Marcie Cook of Americas MLM Consultants to discuss your unique compensation pay plan needs at: mlmconsultant.com/mlm_pay_plan.htm.

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