Thank you readers.

January was a monster month in terms of traffic here at the MLM Blog, no doubt our best month ever. I haven’t compliled all of the numbers yet, (I don’t have the same counter system on all pages), but it looks like we had 40,000 to 50,000 unique visitors and double that number in page loads/impressions.

The Alexa traffic ranking for MLM Blog is about to crack 100,000 and currently sits at 100,221. Alexa is said to be inaccurate for sites with a ranking greater than 100,000 so this is a milestone for the site.  I should point out that I do not use the Alexa tool bar. I suspect that when a blog author uses the Alexa tool bar while working on their own blog, the Alexa numbers can be skewed.

This site has grown way past my expectations, but if I could do one thing differently, I would have hosted the site on my own domain.