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MLMBlog Will Cease To Exist?


First, I want to thank you for reading MLM Blog.  When I launched MLMBlog.net in October of 2003, I never thought it would grow into what it has become.  The many rewards have been amazing.

  • Connecting with hundreds of Network Marketing company and field leaders
  • Having my first book published by Wiley & Sons
  • Joint Ventures and product launches (including MLM Blog Secrets) with top leaders

MLM Blog   Network Marketing Blog   MLM News   MLM ReviewsI first launched MLMBlog as my “thoughts and opinions” about the Network Marketing industry and I mostly wrote about my experience with Amway/Quixtar. If you look into the archives, you would find that most of what I wrote was not positive.

But when I reflect back on my time in Amway/Quixtar, much of it was actually very positive. Time has a way of offering healing and perspective.

As I gained success in the Network Marketing industry, setting records for recruiting and growth in multiple companies, the MLM Blog web site began to morph into a news site, with the help of a talented friend, Dan Mitchell, we reported the latest goings on in the MLM/Network Marketing industry.

tiredBut after about 10 years of posting the news, I began to get “blog tired” writing about what always seemed to be who was suing whom, what company was going out of business and what was actually a Ponzi scheme instead of a real opportunity.

When I train new bloggers, I always tell them to blog about something they are passionate about, but I wasn’t following my own teaching.

About the time the I got “blog tired”, Ted Nuyten at BusinessForHome.org caught fire, posting up to date news about the industry along with top earner information and polls about top companies and leaders. Ted did a great job filling the void that we left when the posting at MLMBlog got more sporadic.

I often talked with trusted advisors about the fact that I no longer wanted to “do the news” at MLMBlog.net, but I never really put my finger on what I wanted to do.

Did I want to sell the site? Hire a writer? Let the site fade into oblivion?

I was tired of writing about the negative side of MLM, but I didn’t want to write fluff pieces about companies either. Not my passion.

Then it hit me.

MLM is people.  I have always been passionate about helping people achieve more in life.

So, I am proud to tell you that MLMBlog.net is not going away, but it is changing to align with my values.

Going forward, we are ditching the MLM News to focus on interviews and training…the stuff that you can take with you and make your business better right now, helping you succeed on and offline.

Yes, MLMBlog in it’s previous form will cease to exist (except in the archives), replaced by more value, training and cool interviews from the people of MLM.

I am proud to announce that beginning today, welcome to the new MLMBlog.net.









Ty Tribble

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