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More Fun With ASEA Salt Water MLM Product


Update: It looks like someone has thrown a fit with YouTube and had my spoof of ASEA pulled from the site. I’m not sure if I saved the video anywhere else, but I will have a look and post another update asap.

A Network Marketing company recently came out with a new product and the label says Sodium Chloride (salt) and Water.  (see the label here)

Here is a video that I made about it…

So continuing on with my fake story…I had some "friends" of mine scouting around for a new manufacturing facility for my MLM product idea and they captured this video of the facility:

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  1. Try why do you want to hurt people? This is a great industry with great products, ASEA being one of the great products that actually help people. And you NOT being educated about it are hurting a lot of people. If it where just salt and water then why is it so soothing to put in your eyes? I sure the 20 patents on just salt and water don’t mean anything. Sure you are funny-but what if ii it does make a difference it peoples life and you scare them off. That’s on you!

    • Jill, check this out:

      “9. Have any clinical trials been conducted on ASEA™?

      ASEA™ is a nutritional supplement. Besides extensive safety and antimicrobial testing, no other studies have or must be performed. ASEA™ does not claim to mitigate, prevent or cure any disease. ASEA™ simply contains the raw materials that our body and the immune system need to help protect us and defend us. There is extensive evidence, based on studies done on the individual reactive molecules contained in ASEA™, that these reactive molecules are indeed produced and used in large amounts by the body and the immune system. The role that these reactive molecules play in the body is becoming increasingly well understood and is actively being studied all over the world.”

    • Jill you are right network marketing is a great industry and there are a lot of great products. And to keep it that way as an industry we have to call shenanigans on products that reinforce the negative stereotypes that detract from this fine profession.

      Selling saltwater for $1/oz doesn’t live up to the high standards I expect from this industry.

  2. The amazing feeling in your eyes when you pour it on there is due to the incredible similarity between the tears and the product…they are both salt water!!!

    Despite everybody arguing the efficacy of ASEA water and the way it works, I still haven’t had it explained. Ty, this continued onslaught on salt water is hilarious. Thank you!

    • Yes, some sea water may be near the concentration of normal saline (0.9%). It is the Reactive Oxygen Species that are generated by the electrolysis of the saline solution that are the critical (active) elements in the final solution. They are antimicrobial and help modulate the immune system of warm-blooded animals.

      • Stacy, you seem to be knowledgeable about this product. My question is this: if the technology creates the Redox species, how are they stabilized in the bottle? Are they always stable? What happens over time? Do they break down?

  3. Hi, My husband and I take Asea, and it does everything I have been told about the product and more. It has given our life back to us, no more mid-afternoon naps, or after a turkey dinner, we have energy to go all day. We are not spring chickens either, my husband is 76 and I’ll be 60 in June. We started taking the product in late January this year and within 36 hours it was working, no more sweet craving, blood sugar leveled right away. So, if you feel you have to run down this product, then try it before you say another word. Thank you

  4. It’s important to note that ASEA is not a vitamin, mineral, juice or nutrient product. It is a redox signaling product and the first in its category in the world.
    ASEA is based off the new technology “Redox Signaling”. The company and its Atomic Physicist, Gary L Samuelson PhD, discovered a method to stabilize “reactive molecules” in a 7.35 ph saline solution. This process has been denied as impossible by researchers at Harvard, UCLA and other top research schools. That is, until they tested the product and found it to be accurate.
    How is distilled water and sodium chloride really going to help me? Isn’t this the same solution in those IV bags in the hospital?? When ASEA takes the below mentioned ingredients, it goes through a highly patented process where 2 major breakthroughs occur. 1st, it creates the “reactive molecules” that’s produced inside the body, outside of the body. 2nd the reactive molecules are stabilized in a saline solution.
    Testing shows that Glutathione and SOD, two powerful antioxidants are 500% more effective inside your cells supplemented with ASEA.

  5. Hi Ty, you are funny! Fun ends when desease strikes, incureable debilitating that is, that’s when one hits the road looking for something, anything to sustain any kind of a life till death!..I know first hand. Yes, we take Asea everyday and will continue to do so, we’re seeing improvements…Redox Signaling is a real thing, so is healing at the Cellular level…new hair growth becomes possible, try it and see for yourself, take note of changes taking place in your body, we are all in the same boat aging every minute of our lives., subject to desease.. prevention is much easier than a cure..
    DR C.

    • You tell him Name (required). That is a strange name by the way. What country are you from. I agree though about the hair loss. That disease (or desease as you call it) can be quite debilitating. I believe it cost me a job recently as a hair stylist.Wish I had been drinking Salt Water when I applied. Well, anyway, thanks for setting Ty straight about ASEA. We are winners. He is not. He is a loser.

      • REALLY? Must people lower themselves to calling names? He may be skeptical and he may express that in a playful and critical fashion, and yet it gets us all out here asking questions and sharing information.

  6. Only been on it three days. Can’t believe the energy I have. It’s helping my dry face too. Can’t wait to see what it does for my this hair over time. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

  7. Interesting stuff here. I just finished reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and wondering how much of what we buy and use have the placebo effect on us based on our own expectatations.

    We tend to get what we expect i.e. if we expect we’ll benefit from something, chances are we will. Interesting how we decide. Great read if you haven’t read it. Helps you to examine your decision making a bit better.

    Are you more likely to buy into your company’s products because you’ve made a decision to?


  8. Ty….You’re an expert on MLM’s..could you make recommendations to me as to what specific company’s you see as the most trustworthy, sound & lucrative? Maybe, the top 10 or so, in your opinion?

  9. Aloha to all of you sceptics and believers out there a like,

    I am truly bothered and concerned about all of the negativity I am hearing about the ASEA product.

    I think there are many people out there who are just not getting the whole story or may be a little confused about the ASEA product.

    I am not a company official or anything like that, just someone who has done my homework on this topic, uses the product, and realizes many benefits from it.

    The salt water or “saline: solution is not the big deal.
    The big deal is the fact that the patented process of the amazing way that ASEA has dicovered a way to create and
    preserve “redox molecules” that are crucial to human cell reproduction really works!

    The process “suspends over 4 trillion Reodox molecules” in every bottle. The saline solution acts only as courier for the molecules which are the real deal.

    Redox molecules are “native” to the human body meaning they are inside everyone of us but the production of them decreases as our bodies age. ASEA has found a way to recreate these crucial redox molecules using an electolysis process that creates and preserves the molecules in the saline solution.

    These newly introduced redox molecules go into the body and almost instantly in some cases start to repair and/or rebuild the damaged cells in our bodies.

    This is a link to the science of redox electrolyisis:


    This redox molecule is necessary for proper cellular level repairs in our bodies that help us to recover from everything like everyday damage to our bodies from sun and pollutant exposure to worse conditions like organ and tissue deterioration.

    No where else is there a product available like ASEA with so many positive health benifits that are continously being documunted by real people from all kinds of different walks of like.

    I have personally seen advantages from taking the ASEA product internally as reccomended as well as topical benifits that I used to be very sceptical of hte past about any product. These redox molecules must actually go into and under the several layers of skin to do all kind of benifits.

    I did not start this blog to talk about the benifits and advantages of using/taking ASEA because they are just too numerous to discuss and go over in the space allowed to me here knor do I have the time, lol.

    This is a product that works and that has been proven to me by my own obsevations as well as countless testimonials from friends, family, and aquaintances who have used the ASEA product.

    If you are still a dis-believer or have any questions, comments, or would like to know more about the product please feel free to contact me at info@hawaiilifestyles for more info

    Thanks for reading,

    Mahalo and take care

    • Could you please send me any control group/blind studies that support any claims about redox signing molecules or the product Asea? I’ve been looking and so far I can’t find anything. Thank you so much for your help.


      • I don’t like how requests for any study or research request goes ignored.

        I’m sure that drinking ASEA *does* make some people *feel* better, but you can’t be sure if it is just placebo effect without a blind study using a placebo! I understand the need to make yourself really believe it for it to work, but I just can’t see how that is progress for society.

        • A friend of mine is now an ASEA representative and it seems that the efforts to spread awareness for this product is taking into account the newest and latest in social media marketing.

          I’m not going to discount the great benefits of water or salt water/saline solution and what it can do for us given the makeup of our bodies. I am however finding that ASEA has cleverly marketed this product in such a way that they have submitted much of the same information all over the internet. The information is disguised as “unbiased” information. Most so-called supporters have also provided rebuttal pointing to patents or the highly skilled and trained executives behind the product. This again is nothing more than genius marketing with a very specific target through mass social media consumption.

          Simply put the product works in a similar fashion to a placebo. If you think that it’s doing something for you then it must be so. Our brains can be that powerful.

          In essence I fully support their efforts to market to the public about being healthy, feeling great, and helping extend the lives as we age. But given that most people already buy what they want and not what they need it concerns me that this is just an expensive product that works because people are convinced it works.

          Plain and simple, ASEA is water with a clever marketing campaign. Does it work? Absolutely. But it’s because the consumer believes it works.

        • So if we believe that ASEA works is it worth the money? That is really up to each individual to decide what they can and can’t afford or is worth their money and effort.

          In my latest journey to prevent premature aging and increase energy I’ve found that it takes more than a simple “drink this” or “take this” quick scheme. Our society is so desperate for immediate results that we try and beat the clock anyway we can. ASEA does provide some benefit. Water is absolutely essential to our bodies. So kudoes to them for promoting healthy habits.

          Less than a year ago a doctor mentioned that I may be suffering from early stages of Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid). This causes a lack of energy. In all honesty I hadn’t noticed any lack of energy and in fact I was working out (running and weight lifting) on a regular basis without any ill effects.

          My research led me on the current path which I’ve embraced. A regimen of vitamins, regular exercise (intense circuit training), and eating healthier. A couple of the vitamins that I believe have helped me are Kelp capsules and sublingual (meaning under the tongue) Methyl B-12 along with CoQ10 and Benfotiamine. Will this work for everyone? No. While our bodies are generally the same and we need essential vitamins and minerals we all have differing conditions that we would like to resolve.

          Every person has a choice. If you want ASEA then do what you think is best for you. But be informed and make choices that are most beneficial. I’m not discounting or promoting any one product I’m just not sold on an expensive water. I’ve bought into bottled water before. It creates too much landfill waste and only harms us in the future. Filtered tap water for me.

          FYI, there probably isn’t much difference between ASEA and Kona Deep water except the claim of “Redox Signaling Molecules” which is just a fancy marketable word with unsubstantiated claims.

  10. I’ll save the $150,

    Gallon of distilled water………. check

    Container of table salt…………. check

    Whew……….. “that was easy”!

  11. Google MDI-P. Thats what ASEA was originally called. It was developed by a company named medical discoveries. Studies showed that when MDI-P (ASEA) was given to test subjects given “fatal infections” of cystic fibrosis and sepsis MDI-P lowered every symptom that the infectious diseases caused by 50% or more. MDI-P also provided a “100% host sparring effect.” There were over 6 studies done that were published and can still be found. MDI-P was purchased soon after the last one finished. The last studies that were done were on MDI-Ps “surprising anti-HIV capabilites” and about MDI-Ps ability to kill deadly bacteria. One more thing of note, Medical Discoveries (a public company, trading symbol MLSC) stated that MDI-P (ASEA) performed better on both of the deadly diseases than one of the strongest antibiotics we have.

  12. This is just ignorance… people attack what they don’t understand. Try it and see how you feel on it. Salt in a very powerful mineral and because of the wrong kind of salt or avoiding it as many people with their low-sodium diets. Many people get not enough or the wrong kind of salt. But we need it to survive.

    Saying that this product is just saltwater is just as ignorant as saying alkaline water is just water or that clustered water like pentahydrate is just water.

    In all cases you can feel the difference when you use any of them and that’s what matters most.

    The problem is that if something works too well be it an herb, a MLM product or even a device that actually helps people cure disease if you tell any one the Medical Mafia comes in with the FDA and shuts it down meanwhile drugs and doctors mistakes were the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. according to an article in JAMA a few years back.

    There was a product that the FDA shut down called Sea Silver. I loved it I never sold but a couple of bottles but I loved the product. I can still remember when I was feeling awful one day living with toxic mold and I tried it and it was like I came back to live. That stuff worked! So of course people told their friends and said they were cured and the FDA shut them down.

  13. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I have spent the last 30 mins reading about ASEA and LMAO!!!! I found that patent link even funnier. I guess it’s sad that so many people can be fooled like this, especially if they are spending hard earned money, but it sure made for entertaining reading!

  14. I searched for the patents they claimed to own – all of 30 patents or 27, depending on which sales site you read.

    When I searched patents for the company, Medical Discoveries, Inc, only 7 came up, so I am also not sure where the other claimed 23 (or 20) patents are.

    Two of these are electrically charging saline (salt water) to clean medical instruments, two are for apparatus, two are for injection into mammals, including humans and one is for injection/IV or ‘other methods’


  15. Adding a comment to this old thread because it comes up high on the Google results and no one has really addressed the science accurately. The patents linked to by Velvet are key to understanding what this is all about. Basically, what they are doing is passing an electrical current through a salt solution. This creates what they are calling the “redox molecules” which are various highly reactive superoxide molecules and ions including O3 (ozone), H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), ClO2 (chlorine dioxide, used for water purification), and ClO- (hypochlorite, aka bleach).

    The original point, it seems, was to be able to sterilize liquids; you can electrolyze them and these highly reactive molecules are produced, which end up killing all the microbes. Eventually they’re all used up and break down, at least to a level where the body’s own processes can take care of them, and the stuff can be used.

    What’s funny (and not funny) is how what is really going on is flipped totally on its head by the marketing of Asea, and in the comments here.

    For example: “These newly introduced redox molecules go into the body and almost instantly in some cases start to repair and/or rebuild the damaged cells in our bodies.” These molecules are highly reactive, which is what makes them antimicrobial. In your body they CAUSE damage. It’s true that some, like peroxide, are produced by cells in your immune system. They do that in order to kill bacteria, and it’s necessary to have sufficient detoxifiying mechanisms around when that’s happening. Ingesting small amounts as is probably in it isn’t likely to do anything since they will break down early on, but it’s still completely backwards.

    Also: “Testing shows that Glutathione and SOD, two powerful antioxidants are 500% more effective inside your cells supplemented with ASEA.” That’s actually correct, but it’s because the molecules produced are OXIDANTS. The entire job of SOD is to sweep up these molecules and make them non-destructive – the name stands for superoxide dismutase, and these molecules are called superoxides because they have an extra oxygen compared to their more stable relatives (H2O-water, H2O2-peroxide; NaCl-salt, NaClO-bleach). That’s what makes them reactive and antimicrobial. Of course, it also makes them bad for human cells too. You just have to hope that your body takes care of them quickly enough.

  16. Isn’t Asea basically just Sole which you can make at home easily for pennies? The scientific jargon they use is not impressive and put in a way to mislead you to think this product is more than it really is. I’m a Formulation Scientist and that is all it is, salt water. So if you find that this product is helpful, want to save money, then make it yourself.


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