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Motivating Your Network Marketing Downline


One of the top questions I get from people that are new to Network Marketing is, “How do I motivate my downline?”.

Interesting enough, this question usually comes from someone that has less than 5 people in their group. The short answer is “don’t try to motivate your downline”. A longer more eloquent answer can be found in this post from Andrew McLellan:

Ways to keep your organization motivated can be far and few between. A number of factors need to be in place: reputable company, sound products, confidence in leadership, and continuous training programs for new members of your team. You can still have all of these things in place, but if your organization lacks self-motivation, then all the tools available will do you no good.

So how do you integrate motivation into someone? The truth is, you can’t. Of course, you can get someone excited and show them reasons to want to succeed through experience and training, and that will motivate them to a certain extent. However, if you’re looking for team members who will maintain the same level of motivation throughout their Network Marketing career, that’s something that only they can provide.

The reason I write this is because I don’t want you to get discouraged if you find some of your team members don’t share your level of motivation. In a business as unique as Network Marketing, you’ll get some tire kickers who are “giving Network Marketing a shot”. Of course those of them that see the potential in Network Marketing will find great success. One of the most important qualities of a leader is patience – through the laws of attraction, you will draw to you those that will want to work with you.




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