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Mr. Amway Builds Brand In Thailand


Here’s the latest Amway Thailand news:

The new top management of Amway (Thailand) will be officially announced in the near future, whose priority task will be not only to promote the Amway brand’s image of quality but to sustain its reputation as the largest direct-selling company in the country.

Over the past two years, candidates for the top job have been processed by both the parent company in the United States and the regional office to ensure that the most qualified person is named.

So far, the heir apparent is Kittawat Ritteerawee, currently general manager. He was promoted as the company’s No 2 last year to allow him to learn more management and leadership skills before taking the helm.

Amway (Thailand) is currently headed by managing director Preecha Prakobkit. The parent company extended his term for three years in 2009 and his tenure will end next year.

Preecha said Kittawat’s most important priority if he is appointed to the No 1 position would be to sustain business growth. In addition, he had to proceed with building the brand, becoming the new “Mr Amway”.

Source: The Nation

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