How often do you hear people in Network Marketing say:

“My goal this month is 10,000 points.”


“This month, I’m going diamond.”

The problem with volume goals (like 10,000 points or “diamond”) is they don’t necessarily require leadership.  You can get lucky and hit a volume goal or unlucky and not hit a volume goal.

I once sold a refrigerator to hit a volume goal. Yes, I hit the goal, but the following month I dropped right back to where I started.

What if you scrapped your volume goal and set a goal to have 5 meaningful conversations a day with potential customers or business partners?

5 meaningful conversations a day, 5 days a week is over 100 conversations per month.  If you have 100 meaningful conversations with potential business partners or customers per month, you will add at least 10 new partners/customers to your business every month, probably more depending on your skill level.

But more importantly, you will improve your skills on a daily basis and you will be outworking 99% of the people in the Network Marketing profession.

The only thing standing between you and 10,000 points or that goal of “diamond” will be time.