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New John Milton Fogg Book


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

If you haven't checked out The Fogg Blog then now's your chance…I highly recommend anything from the esteemed Mr. Fogg.

What's interesting is that John is working on a new book and he wants your feedback. He's posted some excerpts from the forthcoming book and he wants to know what you think. Head over and help him out!

From the Fogg Blog: "I've been working on a book with an old colleague and friend Burke
Hedges. The last project Burke and I worked on was a book called Who Stole The American Dream. It went on to sell more than one-million copies around the world. This book is very different. It's called The Servant Soul. (That link will take you to the "sales" page for the book. NOT ready yet. Coming soon.)"

You can also read more about John Milton Fogg at his main site – click on John Milton Fogg.

Happy Reading!

Source: The Fogg Blog


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