Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. introduced the new ageLOC Future Serum to more than 10,000 sales representatives at its launch event in Japan. Japanese distributors were eager to be in the first market to fully launch one of the company’s new ageLOC skin care products that targets the sources of aging by resetting youth gene clusters to a more youthful pattern. The ageLOC products are marketed as ‘genLOC’ in Japan.

"We continue to believe that ageLOC will be the biggest global product launch in Nu Skin history and are pleased to begin the roll out in Japan," said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin president and chief executive officer. "We are committed to fueling the positive trends we are seeing in Japan and believe that the introduction of ageLOC will help in generating distributor enthusiasm in this important market. Our proprietary ageLOC products enable our sales representatives to take advantage of the accelerating growth in the anti-aging industry, which is expected to grow by 73 percent in Japan by 2015. We’ll continue the global roll out of ageLOC next month as we launch new ageLOC skin care products in the United States, Europe and Latin America."

Source: NPI Center