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Oh, If MLM’ers Could Grasp This…


This from a letter sent to Seth Godin’s Blog:

Now here’s the best bit… The only way you could become a client of
Paddis was someone had to REFER you. IN fact the referral bit was a
condition of doing business with him. Before he would work on you he’d
say… I’m going to give you the best dental treatment and in return I
have one condition that you must meet… you have to refer at least 3
people to my business.

Paddi realised that getting A customers to refer their friends would
simply generate more A customers… people have friends that tend to be
like themselves… good payers etc etc.

The beautiful thing is….Paddi’s a Dentist! There is another wonderful example of marketing using the Free Prize Inside concept in the most recent post at Seth’s Blog.

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  1. Sounds easily "graspable"..why do you think it's not grasped bt most MLMers?

    It seems to me that we, as MLMers, (and I hate that term)WANT to run our business that way, but somehow we think that method would offend most of our business. We read everyday about how we, as MLMers, "bug" people to death for clients and "recruits".

    Could it be that we have yet to raise our industry to the respected status of a dentist?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts. Maybe a second post on the topic?


  2. Ty,
    Great article. Interesting enough I got a letter (today) from a local Dentist office. This letter was personalized letter from one of their patience telling me how great her Dentist. I was amazed, and I think they must have read this book.
    I Immediatly mailed them a thank you card, and told them how impressed I was as a Business Owner at their marketing strategy.
    Good Job Ty..


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