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Online Network Marketing Strategy for 2015


Thinking it would take about 30 days to put together, I began to formulate my 2015 Online Network Marketing Strategy in December of 2014.

Now here we are in the 2nd week of February and I am just launching.

Being incredibly optimistic is not the best trait when it comes to estimating how long something is going to take to complete a project. But I am happy to say that I have my plan in place, which is step one in creating your own strategy if you are scoring at home.

What’s the plan?

Any online marketing plan for Network Marketing really boils down to generating leads.

For me, it starts with this blog. In fact, you’d be crazy not to include a blog in your marketing plan.  Today, the term “blog” kind of understates what I am talking about. You need a home base online, a center for all of your business activity (a hub). What I am really talking about is a website on the WordPress platform.

When I first launched the MLMBlog in 2003, a blog was basically a group of posts or articles laid out in chronological order. But today’s WordPress platform can include landing pages, lead capture pages, sales pages and even a full on web site.

You can see an example of a new style blog at Ty Tribble .com.  The site is build on the WordPress platform using the Internet Marketing Blog Theme.

Internet Marketing Blog Theme is a project that spawned out of the MLMBlog Theme that I launched with Valik Rudd, it’s updated with everything you need to create your own home base online.

Once you have your home base online, you need a strategy for 2015.

Using my amazing art skills (OK not so amazing), I drew out the strategy in my notebook. Keep in mind, this is a 30,000 feet view.


Real Life Breakdown

I think the easiest way to unpack this plan is to tell you what I am doing.  That way you’ll see how it all works together in real life.

1. Set a content schedule.  For me, I am going to be posting a video on Monday, a pillar content article on Wednesday and a podcast on Friday.

Also a new addition to my content will be creating pictures and graphics (info and other) using Canva.com.

I may post smaller bits of content on other days, but Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be my big posting days. My focus is strong content, three days a week. I used to be a fan of short blog posts, 5-10 times a week, but things have changed. I want people to stay a whole, get some value and opt in to my list, not just pop in a read a quick post and shuffle.

The video I create will also be posted on YouTube to take advantage of Google search and of course the podcast will eventually hit iTunes.  The strategy with video and podcasting is to create media that will drive traffic back to the blog.  So it’s creating blog content for the readers, listeners and watchers and creating inbound traffic from YouTube and iTunes.

2. Once I post my content on the blog, I will take the links/pictures and post them on Social Media:

  • Facebook Status
  • Facebook Page (Ty Tribble & MLM Blog)
  • Twitter (Ty Tribble & MLM Blog) 3-5 times a week for each content piece
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn Status Update
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

I am not focused on sending people away from my blog to Social Media sites.  I want this traffic to be a one way street.

3. My blog is set up with what I would call “lead capture elements”, including a side bar opt in, below content opt in and a pop-up opt in. My number one goal is to generate leads and get opt ins to my list so I will be updating, testing and tweaking my opt in elements more religiously.

4. Mail my email list every day. I am going to be laser focused on two things with my email list in 2015.

  • Entertainment
  • Sales

I won’t be focused on giving away the farm with my list.  I’m going to do my best to entertain and make sales. Hint: More Stories.

5. Promote my projects with webinars. I set new income goals in 3 areas (my Network Marketing business, blogging associated products and affiliate products). I am going to use webinars and hangouts to give value and then make an offer.

6. Execute the plan.  In real life ya gotta execute the plan to make it work.

My plan is designed to help me focus on the basics that have allowed me to be successful over the last 12 years online.

Stay tuned for more about formulating your own plan…

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