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Orrin Woodward’s TEAM Analysis II


In my last post, I talked about how Orrin Woodward’s TEAM would might see great success in a Network Marketing Binary Compensation plan.

However, I should also point out that the TEAM concept (again slightly modified) would work well (perhaps better in the long run) with a Unilevel compensation plan as long as there are some additional depth bonuses. (Univera has this type of plan.)

The Unilevel plan is considered (by many) to be the most fair plan for the average person.

In the case of Univera’s compensation, the added depth bonuses (called generational bonus) allows an associate to be paid (2 to 14%) as far down as six diamond level organizations in depth.

Imagine someone from the TEAM who used to spend $300/month to make 100PV, now spending $125/month to make 100PV, with every person (on their team) netting out a larger check bonus check. That is the potential of a new plan for the TEAM.

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  1. Hey Ty Why don't you just ask Orrin if you can sponsor him in Univera. Maybe you can dig up one of Bo Short's contacting tapes and give it a try.

  2. Peter,

    Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind. A new leg with 50,000 people and 6 million in volume a month would be handy.

    But I'm sure that Orrin would be in touch if he was interested in Univera. Univera is one of are several good companies that Orrin's TEAM could do well with.


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