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Orrin Woodward – Team Lawsuit Calls Quixtar “A Classic…Pyramid Scheme”


Crap meet fan.

Quote from the Orrin Woodward – Team lawsuit:

"Since the products are unmarketable to those not participating in Quixtar’s comp plan, the sole way to make money, is for an IBO to continually recruit new distributors who are also willing to self-consume, or discard, the Quixtar products. This fact alone renders Quixtar a classic recruitment pyramid scheme."

Emphasis added.

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  1. Had Orrin Woodward adhered to the rules of conduct instead of being dishonest, he could have made a great leader.

    I'm so glad Amway Terminated him, Chris Brady and the other "Team" members. They and many more in the Yager organinzation have been terrible embarrasement for millions of people building ethical businesses.
    Jane N.


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