I pulled this from Orrin Woodward’s Leadership Blog. Interesting commentary from Orrin on Internet Criticism (note the bold portion):

At first I took it personally, but then I realized I had to take it professionally.   I had the opportunity to go to an Atlanta Falcons football game with John Maxwell and asked him how he handled criticisms.  He told me, "Orrin always, always, always, take the high road!"  I will never forget that pearl of wisdom.  Some of the things stated had suggested motives for my behavior that were simply not true.  But I am thankful that it happened to me.  It was the first time I read the criticisms online with a spirit of confronting reality.  I asked myself, “What parts of the criticisms have an element of truth and what can we do to fix them?”   This was a humbling exercise, because I had to admit our business was not perfect and needed to be reformed in several areas.  The criticisms online were right in many areas.  I told Ken McDonald back in 2004, “It’s not the negative lies online that are killing us, but the negative truths.” He agreed and said we needed to fix them.