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Orrin Woodward on Internet Critcism


I pulled this from Orrin Woodward’s Leadership Blog. Interesting commentary from Orrin on Internet Criticism (note the bold portion):

At first I took it personally, but then I realized I had to take it professionally.   I had the opportunity to go to an Atlanta Falcons football game with John Maxwell and asked him how he handled criticisms.  He told me, "Orrin always, always, always, take the high road!"  I will never forget that pearl of wisdom.  Some of the things stated had suggested motives for my behavior that were simply not true.  But I am thankful that it happened to me.  It was the first time I read the criticisms online with a spirit of confronting reality.  I asked myself, “What parts of the criticisms have an element of truth and what can we do to fix them?”   This was a humbling exercise, because I had to admit our business was not perfect and needed to be reformed in several areas.  The criticisms online were right in many areas.  I told Ken McDonald back in 2004, “It’s not the negative lies online that are killing us, but the negative truths.” He agreed and said we needed to fix them.

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  1. Most of the negative information about Quixtar
    has to do with the tools scam and not the price issue or the comp plan, as you often like to point out Ty. Orrin Woodward had a nice share in adding to that pool of info.
    Scott Mccoy recently put a free ebook, theQuixtarBook.com, where he talks about a tool system with in Quixtar that started out wanting to share the profits more equitably, but after the uplines realized how much money they were going to loose, they changed the plan to be the same tool scam as any other tool profiting system in Quixtar. My friend Tex spoke with Scott Mccoy for over two hours. During this conversation Scott told Tex that he was talking about no other tool scam system then TEAM.

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  3. Ty…

    From our experience with TEAM, we spent ~$200/month for their system training. ~$60 for books/tapes, $40/month for Tuesday Night Opens ($10/week for us both), $50 for Seminars ($25/person), and $50 for majors(~$600/year). That's without all the travel, hotels, meals, daycare, etc.

    Yes, this could be considered training, but, considering the amount of repetitive information it quickly lost it's value. $200/mo was a significant cost for us. One we needed to factor into our decision in working that business, especially in light of the unstable nature of the business (e.g. legs rolling up, fallout, lost IBO's etc.). And, also one that was totally unreimbursable until platinum.

    Also, much of the system wouldn't have even been necessary if the economics of the product side business made sense.

    Chicken and the egg here, I'm thinking.

    I'm all for personal improvement and, there's nothing of worth that comes without struggle…but you don't need to pay $200/month to get there! That's a pretty big (and unnecessary) hurdle for the common person to get over.

  4. PJ, I'm going to totally agree with you. On top of the expensive pricing of the TEAM
    tools, I think it was also very shady that they sometimes forced you to buy some of the tools in order to be recognized for your achievements. For example, in order to go "power player" not only did you have to have a certain number of people downline and have a certain monthly PV, but you HAD to buy the Top 50 CD pack ($300) and be enrolled in their Voicemail system (called "voicecom", another $20-40/month depending on your level of service). Isn't requireing IBO's to buy tools illegal?

  5. A lot of the negative information has to do with the tools business, but if you look closer at Orrin Woodward and the Team, you would find that their tool system was set up differently than other systems out there.

    Yes, their tools cost too much, but the cost of the tools was not the biggest factor in people losing money with Quixtar.

  6. Orrin Woodward is a weasel & he has not only added to bs w/ quixtar now but to think he's a leader & to follow him…..are you kidding me! Chris B & Orrin W cds/tapes weren't that great….what is so BIG about "their" system….give me a break….my teams system is great & taught me a lot & it's less than 100 if you want leadership cd's you can purchase them….
    How is he a leader when he lied & has 1,000's of complaints…you have to be a full to trust him….all these ibo's & leaders will regret following him..

  7. I read his article and in context he's clearly talking about Quixtar. And didn't he want to release how much money was in the tools but Quixtar wouldn't let him? And if his organization is illegal as the Scott Larson punt at the beginning of this post suggests then wouldn't he be sunk now? Just thoughts…. Oh and the person who posted all the prices of tools… if you couldn't grow a team and was spending all that money then I'd suggest you might either talk to those who are making some money, weren't there some at those meetings? Or stop because obviously you weren't doing something right.

  8. WOW, You guys are so FAR off base. You must all live in the 95% world. How can you even but a price on LEADERSHIP? I have been in the leadership program for alittle over a year and yes it has cost me some money, but nothing can compare to how it has change me, my family, and the world around me. Thoughts turn into actions, actions turn into habbits and habbits turn into results. Good stuff in GREAT stuff out! Do you know the power of POSITIVE thinking? I do! Going to a MILLION positive thinking TEAM members. Here's hoping everyone finds their purpose in life.

  9. I agree w/ you Dan on the Leadership System & system itself. Nothing has helped me more in the last 4 or so years of my life w/ everything! I just think that if you look @ orrin woodward he's no leader by all of his actions & statements. I think he is full of s**t and isnt' a good leader @ all. He has changed his whole story around & is a liar. Honestly his & chris brady's cd's weren't so great anyway. I think they all sounded familiar especially chris's. Orrin had some good ones but he's a weasel! he even looks like one! Don't trust him @ all….who knows what he will be doing or saying in a couple years he's not predictable @ all. He's playing w/ people & they somehow are listening to him when they were already w/ a great system & great mentors! I've seen it first hand & feel he's just not a leader!

  10. hahah man all these guys make me smile yeah the cd's are pricey but i dont know how i would be making a 6 figure income in less than 12 months with out them its funny to see all these 95 percent thinkers complaining "only a fool will condemn and complain" (DALE CARNEGIE) You guys have fun complaining and you people wonder why america is going to crap because of people like you.


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