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Orrin Woodward Teams With MonaVie?


A court injunction doesn’t allow Orrin Woodward to do anything for at least another 45 days, but it looks like Orrin will bring on MonaVie as one of his suppliers in the near future.

Just a guess, but I suspect that Orrin is thinking bigger than just MonaVie.

More commentary and analysis to come soon.  Off to my son’s basketball game!

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  1. If he goes big, there's a slim to none chance he'll be able to have a "MLM superstore" and include Monavie products. Unless rules can be bent for "industry leaders".

    Wouldn't be a surprise.

  2. I have to agree….I think he is going to fail & will regret it. He has ruined a lot of peoples businesses & they have no choice to follow him but the other leaders that he has crosslined and destroyed will all come back to him…..he's no leader but you can keep telling him he is….he's a joke. One day your behind your corporation & all the products & the next day you flip to someone else. Not too reliable.

  3. Have any of you researched him lately? You obviously don't know what you don't know……He IS an incredible leader and stands above the rest. This Country would be an much better place with more like him. 🙂


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