I was in Phoenix over the weekend at a Network Marketing event with Todd Falcone, Jeffery Combs, Erica Combs and Michael Bernoff, where I met the owner of a Network Marketing company by the name of Michael Wenniger.  Wenniger owns Fun Unlimited which is actually being re-branded as I write this.  He has a much better name coming out soon. (I’ll get you the new name once I have permission). 

Anyways, I spent a few hours hanging out with Mike and talking about his company, a binary compensation plan with health and wellness products.  The biggest claim to fame for the company is their Power Pops which are candy that help people lose weight.  Chris Angel and Britney Spears have reportedly both used the candy.

The company also has a vitamin lollipop designed for children.  Pretty unique products that seem to be priced well,  (50 cents to one dollar for the weight loss and vitamin lollipops). They also have a skincare line and a new functional beverage coming out soon and they do not have an autoship requirement in order to get your check.

Now, I mentioned earlier that this company has a binary compensation plan and for those that are not clear on comp plans, a binary has two legs or teams.  Typically (not in every case) one of the legs or teams is called the "Power Leg" and is usually built by the leaders within the company, leaving others to focus on the lesser leg.

This type of compensation plan got me to thinking about Orrin Woodward’s former Quixtar group called "The TEAM".  Let me say this…I don’t agree with the amount of money that the TEAM charges it’s members for training, but I can not argue with their ability to bring in numbers, especially into a deal as bad as Quixtar.

What I am driving at here is that if the TEAM were to apply their strategy (slightly modified) to a company like the one Mike Wenniger owns, they would tear it up.  The binary compensation plan is focused on depth.  Mike’s plan also has some matching bonus money that could bring in huge checks. 

I’m not trying to broker a deal here, just pointing out that the main problem with the TEAM is probably not the amount of money that they make on training, it was probably the company they chose to affiliate with.  If the TEAM were to build a binary with the numbers they bring in, a lot of people would be making money through products moving into the hands of consumers.