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Orrin Woodward’s Team Launching New Business: LIFE Pre-Launch


Orrin Woodward’s TEAM (former Amway/Quixtar) is promoting a pre-launch for “the new LIFE business”.  

From “Team Orrin Woodward” Blog:

When you attend the pre launch of the new LIFE business at the summer leadership conventions, remember, you will be witnessing history in the making…

A reliable source is telling me that Dallin Larsen of MonaVie is supporting the new launch.  More details as they roll in.


  1. Mr. Tribble,

    Good day!! Let me start by saying thank you for assisting in the promotion of LIFE. We are very excited about the coming months and years. I do want to take a few minutes and provide you some details that will assist you in your reporting.

    Yes we are making a formal announcement regarding LIFE at our Summer Leadership Conferences in Fresno, CA and Columbus, OH. LIFE represents a comprehensive way to impact people’s lives in 8 categories consisting of: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends and Fun. LIFE is dedicated to serving people by creating products that focus on truth in the 8 major areas on people’s lives. This is accomplished through a business model that rewards those who add value to others.

    You make mention that Team might be leaving MonaVie or that LIFE will compete with MonaVie. This is not true. Actually, MonaVie will be the exclusive supplier of health and wellness produced used to support the Fitness category, which will also include their compensation plan. There are MonaVie representatives in Fresno as I write this to you and next weekend, July 29th – 31st in Columbus, OH, Dallin Larsen will be speaking at the event along with Orrin Woodward and others.

    I encourage you to attend the event so you can get your information first hand and feel free to contact us at any time regarding any questions that you may have or to address any rumors that might cross your desk.


    Rob Hallstrand
    Chief Operating Officer

  2. @ Rob you say that Team is not leaving Monavie, yet you all are discussing which company you are going with this week because…….?


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