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95% Oxygen Goes MLM with Oxygen4Energy!


Oxygen4Energy recently launched their Network Marketing program promoting the hottest new oxygen supplement – portable canisters of 95% oxygen enriched air. The product is inhaled through the mouth or nose, and the oxygen enters your bloodstream in seconds. It’s like having your own little oxygen bar with you at all times!

The main target market for the product is sports and fitness because it is SO effective at improving athletic performance and reducing recovery times. However, the product also appeals to several other huge markets including: seniors & elderly, hangovers, stress, brain function, and altitude acclimation.

According to Oxygen4Energy’s president, “This is the perfect product for network marketing. It is a completely new concept in oxygen supplementation that truly sells itself. The benefits appeal to a very large percentage of the population, with most people experiencing the benefits the very first time they use the product. Since it requires a lot of education to use effectively, large retail chains are resistant to carrying it. This means that customer loyalty will be high for our distributors.”

Oxygen4Energy is in pre-launch, offering free membership for the 1st year with any product purchase, and plans to be ready for an official launch in January 2011. Its product does not compete with other nutrition based programs, so it might be a great add-on profit center to existing downlines.

For more details, go to: www.oxygen4energy.com/mlm

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