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P2P, Social Networking and MLM


I wrote about the merging of social, viral, buzz and Network Marketing in ‘It’s Time…for Network Marketing’. File this in the "stuff your brother-in-law doesn’t know about Network Marketing" folder:


Social Networking and P2P sites enable consumers to have their stake in the music business.

Trend Description:
Whoever has dreamed to be part of the music business, has now the
chance to do so – virtually. The music industry has finally discovered
the power of social networking and P2P to increase the online sales of
even unknown bands and artists. Equipped with special software fans can
create their own music-stores online and sell the music they like to
their friends, peers and all others who might share their taste.
Another model allows fans to buy stock of their favorite – unsigned –
band. If the fan and the band can motivate enough other believers
(through MySpace, YouTube, or word of mouth) the band gets to record an
album and can start making money, which of course will be shared
equally between themselves, their believers and the company which made
the deal possible.


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