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Pay Per Post Direct vs. Review Me


The new version of Pay Per Post is now available and the program has several features that set it apart from other companies like Review Me.

Here are some of the reasons why Pay Per Post Direct might be a good choice for your blog:

1. Make money! Where other companies have a 100% mark up, Pay Per Post Direct only charges a 10% service fee. It doesn’t take a pro blogger to figure out that if you have two badges on your site that advertise a review for $100 and one of them pays you $50 while the other (Pay Per Post Direct) pays you $90, which one is the good deal.

2. Security – Rather than trying to deal with advertisers on your own, why not let Pay Per Post Direct handle the details and payment transactions for you.

3. Ease of use – The Pay Per Post Direct widget is easy to install and nice looking too.

4. Taxes – Pay Per Post tracks all of your payments and then issue you a statement for your year end tax purposes.

5. Marketing – Pay Per Post is building a directory site that will help market your blog for you.

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