It’s one of those nights. Your daughter has a swimming meet at 7:00PM and your son has a soccer game at 7:15PM and then there is the Network Marketing conference call by the # 1 MLM trainer in 2004, Michael Oliver. You have looked forward to this call for months, but the call starts at 7:30, right in the middle of your kid’s important events.

What do you do?

How about plugging your iPod into the USB port on your computer and having the conference call automatically feed into your MP3 player?

It’s called Podcasting and according to Glenn Garnes at The Perfect Networker, "Podcasting can be used to distribute audio content to people wherever they may be, and have it be mobile so they can take it on the road with them, listen to it in the car, or anywhere else people go. You can distribute news, music, training, personal development content, or virtually anything else you can think of all on the fly.".

Podcasts can also be listened to right on your computer, but the neat thing about it is that you will be able to subscribe to the content you want, such as Passport Training or a weekly leadership radio show with Bo Short and it will automatically be delivered to you via RSS feed.

That’s techie talk for "you won’t have to miss the swim meet or soccer game".

Click here to learn how to subscribe to Glenn Garnes, Perfect Networker Podcast.