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Pre-Paid Legal 4th Quarter 2010 Results are Abysmal


 Pre-Paid Legal has just released their financials for 2010 and the 4th quarter results are truly abysmal. Here’s a screenshot of the numbers…

PPL 2010 Results

During the 4th quarter of 2010, new sales associates enrolled decreased 54.3% to 28,160 from the 61,623 enrolled in the 4th quarter of 2009 and new memberships produced decreased 20.8% to 117,472 during the 2010 quarter compared to 148,248 for the 2009 quarter.

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– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –
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  1. I know lots of people that have done really well with PPL…but I agree…it seems like they’re having a tough time…

  2. Here’s my two cents:

    PPL is still bringing in a significant amount of people – but their problem lies in the fact that the company is at a saturation point in North America.

    Normally, this is addressed by expanding to another country – as Amway did along with other massive MLM companies.

    However, with Pre Paid Legal – they’re stuck in North America, of course the sales are going to go down.


  3. I have a friend from college that joined PPL back in the fall of 2010. Having been in 2 companies that deal with membership sales, I can tell you it’s not easy and I fully expect PPL to struggle from here on. I know both of those other companies are.



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