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Quixtar vs. MonaVie: Who’s Hotter?


Google has a pretty cool tool that tracks the search trends across Google’s network.  It is really useful if you want to see who is hot in Network Marketing.

Below is a chart showing the Google Search trends (Quixtar is in blue, Monavie in red):

So MonaVie wins the Google Trends portion of who’s hotter.  Now let’s look at the Alexa rankings which tracks the popularity of a particular web site.  For this we will look at Quixtar.com vs. Monavie.com

Quixtar’s Alexa ranking is 17,056 and
Monavie is 69,578 (lower is better).  This is an estimate of site traffic.  So Quixtar is the clear winner in site traffic.

So, more people seem to be searching for MonaVie information, while Quixtar has more site traffic.  We know that Quixtar historically has more associates in the U.S. than any other MLM company (outside of Avon and Mary Kay), so we can conclude that much of the traffic on the Quixtar site is associates, not prospective associates…leading me to believe that MonaVie is hotter than Quixtar in today’s marketplace.

For additional Google Trends Fun, here are the hottest places in the U.S. to build Quixtar and MonaVie:


1.Minneapolis, MN, USA
2.Denver, CO, USA
3.Seattle, WA, USA
4.Montreal, Canada
5.Washington, DC, USA
6.Irvine, CA, USA
7.Atlanta, GA, USA
8.Phoenix, AZ, USA
9.San Diego, CA, USA
10.Los Angeles, CA, USA


1.Jacksonville, FL, USA
2.Miami, FL, USA
3.Oklahoma City, OK, USA
4.Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
5.Orlando, FL, USA
6.Tampa, FL, USA
7.Indianapolis, IN, USA
8.Salt Lake City, UT, USA
9.Los Angeles, CA, USA
10.Atlanta, GA, USA

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  1. Not forgetting that sites like mine and the Alticor blogs are talking about MonaVie, which I'm sure is encouraging active Amway/Quixtar IBOs to google it for more info. I know I have been. Doesn't mean it's "hot" in anything more than curiosity.

  2. Good stats! I agree that MonaVie is what's hot right now. I'm in one of those heavy markets and you can't drive down the street without seeing at least one MonaVie decal on the back of someone's car.

  3. Yes, IBOFB.

    Of course Amway is dictating everything.

    At the risk of a personal attack, you are a complete jackhole.

    Everyone knows that nobody is really in control of Amway right now, except the legal folks.

    To even INSINUATE otherwise is a complete waste of time. You know that as well as anybody.

    Yet, you keep doing it.

    Yep, jackhole.

  4. IBOFB,

    Are you suggesting that Quixtar might be growing at an equal or greater pace in the U.S. than Monavie?

    (this should be good)

  5. Ty – I didn't even imply that, let alone suggest it. With tens of thousands of TEAM folk jumping from Q* to MonaVie, plus whatever normal growth they are having, I'd be extremely surprised if they didn't have pretty decent growth at the moment (conversely, losing tens of thousands of TEAM folk, plus other issues going on, affects Q* growth). My point was simply that google search trends isn't a good measure of that, especially when there is a very public controversy between the two and one (Quixtar) is much bigger than the other. Even if there was zero actual sales growth change in either company you'd still expect search peaks like you're reporting.

    rocket, go get some anger management therapy.

  6. When it comes to Google searches, is MonaVie “hotter” then Quixtar right now, the answer is yes. Is it is a “hotter” company or product right now?? You can’t draw that conclusion from this data. MonaVie is all over the blogs right now and a lot of people are doing Google search “investigation”. I’m sure a large number of the people performing the searches are part of Team and they are using the information to determine if they want to join that supplier.

    An example of how the news can affect the data, look at Quixtar’s search trend numbers in 2004. The dateline “investigative” report came out at that time and a lot of people went to the web and did a Google search to find the video (I did). Was the spike because Quixtar was the hot company at the time?? No! People were using Google as a way to find out what everyone was talking about. Re-run this report in a year and my guess is that you will see a drop or a leveling off of MonaVie numbers.

  7. Sorry if you are misconstruing it as anger IBOFB.

    Mind you, that doesn't surprise me, you misconstrue a number of things.

    The truth, primarily. In particular, the truth about Amway and Quixtar, which is the name of your blog, ironically.

    Fret not mate, you don't anger me. You simply amuse me.

    Educated fool is a term which describes you perfectly. What's your pin level, oh intelligent one?

    Thought so.

  8. OK. Here is what I am suggesting based on the hotness factor (so we are clear). There is more interest in MonaVie in the U.S. than Quixtar. Fair?

  9. Therapy for what? Getting amusement out of some guy who thinks he's smart, masquerading himself online as some type of savvy businessman?

    I won't rephrase.

    What's your pin level?

  10. My pin level is zero. I'm not even in Amway.

    There. I answered a pretty straight forward question.

    I did not say that credibility has anything to do with your pin level.

    You are the one defending the Amway business all the time, in spite of being a liar, in some people's minds.

    So, obviously you are able to make this work, based on all of the things negative with your business that you mange to explain away.

    You obviously think you are good at this business, so I will ask yet again….

    What is your pin level?

  11. as if anyone's foolishly educated enough to share their pin in such a public forum

    this is why data security and identify fraud protection is such a big business!

    i'll claim half credit on this one 😉
    MLM hot or not? might have a winner there

    they did it for mugshots and website design, and the former got snapped up for $20mil.

  12. rocket, where did I ever say I was good at this business? I rarely give business building advice. My blogging is mostly dealing with reputation issues and the stuff folk like you say that is exaggerated, overgeneralized (the most common problem), or simply false. But if it matters to you so much, my highest pin level is higher than all but one of the regulars on Qblog.

  13. Riddle me this…

    I find it interesting that you compare search trends of a dinasaur type company like Quixtar with a new company like MonaVie?

    I can see doing it for fun, and seeing how a new company compares to a fully developed company, but comparing search statistics based on the question who is hotter? I dont see that.

    I understand that Quixtar has some similar products now in their new product line-up, but over all would'nt you say that they are totally different animals?

    Take the statistics for example, since Quixtar has been around for such a long time their searchers and visitors of their website will be a much higher percentage of return visitors.

    Take the product, Quixtar has tons of products while MonaVie has 1.

    No doubt, it is impressive that Monavie is competing, and that they are doing what they are.

    Just having some fun here, but please do respond.

    Enjoy Life.

    Anders Gustavsson
    Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game

  14. I see it as fun, entertaining and interesting…what more do you want from a blogger?

    There are several reasons for the Quixtar vs. MonaVie comparison…one of them being 30,000 former Quixtar IBOs (TEAM) now promoting MonaVie.

    For the record, I'm not a big fan of MonaVie…you can quote me…Network Marketing Juice companies will soon hit a wall.

  15. Thanks for the non-answer IBOFB. Obviously you're uncomfortable conversing in a clear and direct manner.

    Nothing new there.

    Therein is why Amway has a bad name. People like you. Keep it up!

  16. MonaVie,
    what a bunch of crap. Can't you people actually start a legitimate business with a legitimate product. What's going to happen when the smoke clears and your product is shown for what it is? A heavily hyped over priced middle of the road product. How do you guys justify the hype? Is it the "proprietary" formula that helps sheilds you from the reality? Why don't you actually take a product that's fairly priced. All you Amway drop outs simply started a new group of people doing the very thing that made you leave Amway in the first place. I applaud you for having the nerve to finally stop stealing from everyone over at Amway, but REALLY….aren't you doing the same thing?

  17. Neither is hotter!
    XanGo is…
    Just heard it reached $800 million in just 5 years.
    Coming out with 2 new products soon…we're in momentum.

  18. I started my Mona Vie business about two months ago. It has been the best thing I have ever done.
    Although I have only made about $600's in two months, it has paid for my families product (for free).
    As far as the cost. I had an issue with that at first. Until I went to an organic store and cost out organic fruit (keep in mind that you can't find half the types of fruit that are in Mona Vie).
    I costed out 14 different fruits. Raspberries, blueberries, apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, etc. I came up with a serving siaze at $1.07 a fruit. We are suppose to eat 7-9 fruits a day. That's about $7.50 a day. Over $50.00's a week and over $200.00's a month.
    Mona Vie: You recieve the1 13 servings of fruits in a 4 ounce glass, 15 to 20 times more the antioxidants of bluemerries or raspberries, plus glucosamine and the cost: $140.00 a month.
    I don't have a problem with cost anymore. I am good with my conclusion and rest my case.
    News just in: Mona Vie just broke $1,000,000,000 (yes, billion) in sales as of June 2008. That's in about 3.5 years. Microsoft did it in seven.
    This company is unmatched. We pay our distributors well. One distributor receive a $1,000,000 bonus and a lamborghini alst Saturday. Another received a $600,000 bonus………………I rest my case.
    Drink it, feel it, share it.
    Mike Zuberer
    Mona Vie Distributor (and proud of it)


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