Google has a pretty cool tool that tracks the search trends across Google’s network.  It is really useful if you want to see who is hot in Network Marketing.

Below is a chart showing the Google Search trends (Quixtar is in blue, Monavie in red):

So MonaVie wins the Google Trends portion of who’s hotter.  Now let’s look at the Alexa rankings which tracks the popularity of a particular web site.  For this we will look at vs.

Quixtar’s Alexa ranking is 17,056 and
Monavie is 69,578 (lower is better).  This is an estimate of site traffic.  So Quixtar is the clear winner in site traffic.

So, more people seem to be searching for MonaVie information, while Quixtar has more site traffic.  We know that Quixtar historically has more associates in the U.S. than any other MLM company (outside of Avon and Mary Kay), so we can conclude that much of the traffic on the Quixtar site is associates, not prospective associates…leading me to believe that MonaVie is hotter than Quixtar in today’s marketplace.

For additional Google Trends Fun, here are the hottest places in the U.S. to build Quixtar and MonaVie:


1. Minneapolis, MN, USA
2. Denver, CO, USA
3. Seattle, WA, USA
4. Montreal, Canada
5. Washington, DC, USA
6. Irvine, CA, USA
7. Atlanta, GA, USA
8. Phoenix, AZ, USA
9. San Diego, CA, USA
10. Los Angeles, CA, USA


1. Jacksonville, FL, USA
2. Miami, FL, USA
3. Oklahoma City, OK, USA
4. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
5. Orlando, FL, USA
6. Tampa, FL, USA
7. Indianapolis, IN, USA
8. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
9. Los Angeles, CA, USA
10. Atlanta, GA, USA