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Quixtar Corporation Could Own The Tools Business This Year


Here is an outline for Quixtar Corporation taking over the tools business:

1. Hold a seminar.

a. Bring in the best Quixtar IBO speakers on four topics – pay the speakers well.
b. Record audio and video of the speeches and license the material from the speaker.

2. Release the speeches (for free) once a week via podcast, vodcast and file sharing.

3. Strategically move the seminar around the country and offer it monthly (for free or at cost).

If Quixtar brings in the absolute best speakers on a given topic from all lines of sponsorship, people will want to hear it and see it. Distribute the materials via technology and offer them for sale (cheap) through the Quixtar web site and you have yourself a system that could not be ignored by the Quixtar IBO Leaders.

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  1. Can't happen and won't happen. The IBOAI would never approve such a move by the corporation. The foxes are in charge of the henhouse.

  2. There is no such thing as a "best" speaker. I've been to seminars which I thought was the most boring, worst ever. And had people in my group rave about how it was the best!

    Different people relate to different people.


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