1. Poor ibofightback, can I get you a tissue?

    1. Where did I attack Quixtar?

    2. Yeah, Univera is tanking to the point that the volume only doubled in the last 12 months.

    What I find even funnier in all of this is that I probably did more volume than you and (your buddy) Tex combined when I was active in your business.

  2. man, is Univera tanking? The amount of effort you're putting in to attacking Quixtar, what with resurrecting the nicely written but mostly ignorant and misleading lawblawg through to resurrecting these old clips – geez, attacking the competition must be all you have left ….

  3. misleading. those two couples who claimed they lost stuff, they dont know shit. all the expenses can be written off HELLO!??? im 19 and im already a double eagle, ill be retiring soon. Quixtar products are good!!!

  4. All aside, this business is all about what you put into it. It IS NOT a get rich quick system, let me say that again… IT IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK system. It IS a income generation system. The "money" and "lifestyle" that everyone talks about takes at a MINIMUM 5 years to acheive. dont shoot something down until you are willing to talk to someone that does and THEN base an UNBIASED opinion.

  5. CableCougar

    In all respect, Sir, Wikipedia is not fully factual. You and I can post info to Wikipedia and someone has to prove its legitamacy. The info comes from third parties as well as existing historical sources.

    Wish it WERE factual.

  6. I've been an IBO only for about a month and already I'm thinking of backing out of the business… and these videos are helping me with this decision. No, it's not because I'm not making any income… it's because the business is cult-like, they have no respect for my busy schedule, and I don't particularly like paying hundreds of dollars to listen to people speak at functions/meetings/on CDs!

  7. This is funny! I'm not yet registered to LTD. But I own the books and disks first hand for free. Everytime I'm with the team I have the most fun I've ever had in a long time. If I ever register I'll make sure I get my money back and not spend a dime after that.

    It's called scaming the scamers. I'll take the knowledge they give me and flee when they ask for money.


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