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Quixtar Diamonds vs. Oasis Diamonds


I just received a list of the new Oasis – Univera LifeSciences Diamonds that "broke" in December.

My line of sponsorship in Univera LifeSciences looks like this:

John Terhune – Blue Diamond
Marshall Douglas – New Blue Diamond
Bo Short – New Diamond

John Terhune’s business which includes Marshall and Bo, broke 2 new Blue Diamonds (similar to an EDC or Double Diamond in Quixtar) and 3 new Diamonds in December.

I am wondering…how many Diamonds did BWW, WWDB and the TEAM break in December? Anyone?

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  1. I like green clovers.

    However, the significance of the post is not *yawn* if you understand the dynamics of the Quixtar Motivational Systems.

  2. Terhune's upline is Kearnen, I know that he was in Amway and I know that he got into some serious trouble about 20 years ago. I don't know what business he was in prior to Oasis.

  3. Also, for the record, Keranen pleaded guilty to fraud charges in June of 1990 which was about 15 1/2 years ago. If he was involved in some serious trouble 20 years ago, then this is news to me.

  4. Eric,

    For the record, I don't like being baited. If you want to make a comment, make it.

    I would also hope that you stay on topic.

    If someone pleads guilty to a charge in 1990 (15 1/2 years ago), when do you think these things occured, maybe 20 years ago?

    Also for the record, I don't know Kearnan. He could be a good guy that was caught up in a bad sitiuation, or he could be a bad guy.

    I am not going to hold something that happened 15-20 years ago over his head if I do get to know him and I am not going to let the other great attributes of Oasis become overshadowed by something that apparently happened when I was a teenager.

    So to get back on topic, Eric J, author of the Quixtar Blog, can you tell me how many Diamonds TEAM, BWW and WWDB broke in December? Any?

  5. Enrique,

    Some were Diamonds in other business' some were not. I am seeing people make money that never made anything in other companies.

    I believe it is because Oasis is so product oriented, people feel at ease when approaching others.

  6. Why is so difficult to tell the truth?

    Why not tell a new distributor without any business experience, listen: I have been in network marketing for 15 years. I build and learn the skills on how to build a network over 5 years. Now, I became a diamond in 30 days or whatever time it took you because so many distributors follow me.

    Without any hype.

  7. Enrique,


    It's not hype…it's not deception. It's the truth.

  8. Lets see how many diamonds where broken in quixtar in 2005, well in world wide dream builders about 4 new diamonds, 1 executive diamond, 1 double diamond, Brit world wide 5 new diamonds "one of the new diamonds is 28 Husband, and wife is 27 years old" 1 executive diamond and 2 double diamonds. In other organizations like Tim Foley, and Dexter 6-8 diamonds, and 2 executive diamonds, 1 triple diamond. Not to mention all the other diamond that where broken in other countries, like India, South America Korea, Japan, Turkey and other parts of the world "Is not just about breaking diamonds, its about helping a family, a man, a woman, a child fulfill their dreams, no matter in what business, its about helping, uplifting your fellow man." Crown Ambassador

  9. Jennifer:

    You are missing the point. The diamonds are making their money by selling the tapes, books and functions to their downlines not from a commission check from Quixtar.

    Look and study Bo short log.

  10. Ty:

    You mentioned Bo Short as the person who introduced you to Oasis and as your upline.
    I read and agree with what Bo Short wrote on his weblog about Quixtar.
    I would suspect that Bo got commissions from the books, tapes, and functions from his run from ruby to diamond, from 1992-1995.
    What did he do with the money since it was gained un-ethically according to his own logs?

  11. Further, Bo took his own money and founded Passport. Thousands of people saved thousands of dollars a year because of Bo. Bo Short never took a salary for Passport and always placed the well-being of the associates above his own, to the point of never raising the product prices in 4 years of business!

  12. Michael,


    Golden went diamond in Amway 1996, Harstad in 1993, Harimoto in 1994, Kummer went Emerald in 1992, then zoomed on to Diamond (2-5 year plan?) in 2003 and Grosball went Diamond in 2002.

    All of these guys were in Amway and as a matter of fact, all of them have been at the Emerald level since at least 1995.

    According to the WWDB web site and the Achieve Magazines, WWDB has had only 4 new qualified diamonds in the last 10 years!!!!

  13. Ty,

    I'd like to know where you are getting your information. Also, How many diamonds did Leonard and Ester Kim break last year?

    Those do count!

  14. Michael,

    The information comes from the Amagrams/Achieve Magazine…not only that, I was at the F.E.D.'s!

    Diamonds in Korea are NOT listed on the WWDB web site. Therefore, they do not count as WWDB diamonds in my opinion. Besides, saying that hundreds of AMWAY diamonds broke in Korea does not solidify the WWDB business opportuntiy here in the U.S.

    Here are the links…do your research:



    The real question should be, "who told you that those 5 diamonds were new?"

    Check out this link…


    Not one of the 30 diamonds listed on the WWDB site went Emerald after 1995.

    What does that say for your chances of going Diamond?

  15. "What about Tom and Val Gonser? They were new diamonds this year."

    That may be true, however they are not listed on the wwdb web site:


    I see that the Gonsers went Diamond in 2005, that makes 5 new Qualified Diamonds in WWDB in the last 10 years, (assuming they re-qualify).

    However, the Gonsers went Emerald in 1994! Again, so much for the 2-5 year plan.

    What are the mathematical chances of going diamond in WWDB if you were not an Emerald before 1996?


  16. So Ty,

    In one arguement Quixtar and Amway are the same, in another arguement they arent?

    FYI leonard and Ester Kim is a Korean Diamond in WWDB who BTW is a 100 Crown Ambassador. Quixtar had to create a pin level just for them because they are growing so fast.


    answer this, how many diamonds did leonard kim break last year? On the same compensation plan I have access to…

  17. My Question was, "how many Diamonds did BWW, WWDB and the TEAM break in December?"

    Answer: ZERO

    You are not going to get out of this hole you dug that easily. This is another perfect example of you (WWDB Guy) simply taking what your upline says about growth and not looking into the reality of WWDB as a viable business.

    Quixtar is not even in Korea, how could they create a pin for the Kim's?

    Can you show me documentation that this pin even exists?


    P.S. I wouldn't brag too much about your 1959 comp plan. It is one of the worst in the industry. Show me a person making $2000 a month in Quixtar with real product volume and I will show you a dozen comp plans that would pay them significantly more for the same volume.

  18. Michael,

    You answered the question incorrectly and proved that I know more about your business than you do. Yet, you are claiming same sort of victory here?


  19. Why is everyone competing on whether quixtar and other companies are better than one another. People dont go diamond because they havent done the work necessary. You dont go diamond, you become one. It is a growth process. If you are lazy, you will never make it.Work and you will. Lets cut through the crapp and get to work.

  20. They did the work 20 years ago. The point is that there is no new diamonds in the past 5 years.
    The business is not growing, It is been maintaned with the tapes,books and functions.

  21. Hi, I'm a newbie here so go easy on me. I would like to know how John Terhune is a Diamond in Oasis. In March of last year he become a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils and stated at a Leadership meeting with I attended in Utah that he was rejoining the NWM industry as a distributor for the fist time in a long time. Then in July of 05 John Terhune spoke at our annual convention as well. From what It seems YL brought him in as a consultant for marketing materials which he produced for YL. Three weeks ago I spoke with corporate and they said he was no longer working on marketing materials for us. "he wasn't who he said he was" was the words of YL corporate. Several projects which we was working on were never completed. And now I see that 9 months later he is a diamond in Oasis I just have to laugh. John made a big deal out of not being grandfathered into the YL comp plan he said "i will earn it just like everyone else" lol well it appears not with Oasis he won't. I have nothing against John in fact I like the guy we was very nice he times I spend with him. It does seem however that he was only really interested in joining YLEO to get the contracts to make marketing materials and when that didn't work out he jumped into biz with some old friends, got grandfathered into some sweet money and doesn't infact want to earn "it" again. Just beware of people who seem to "achieved" high ranks in companies they probably in many cases didn't do much real work to get there. God Bless everybody 🙂

  22. John not only went diamond in Oasis, he went Blue Diamond, (the highest level in the company). I assure you he was not grandfathered into anything. Oasis does not make those types of deals with people. I suspect John had some contractual obligations with YL and once they were completed, he focused on Oasis.

  23. Wow thanks Ty for the quick response that was great. It is very interesting that Mr. Terhune was a diamond with Oasis. Is it normal for Diamonds in MLM companies to speak at two annual convention for another MLM company. Be producing websites, brochures, audio training cd's, DVD's and present himself as a true distributor of the company? When did Mr. Terhune join Oasis? When he spoke in Oct. of 2004 at our annual convention I personally attempted to sponsor him into Young Living but no luck on that one haha. Back then he was only a consultant but became a distributor in Feb or so of 2004. Just seems very odd from the appearance he was giving that he was a diamond level distributor with another company. He seemed to be very open about this current position. And certaninly spoke of his amway days. Well just trying to wrap my head around this one. God Bless.

  24. Hmm ok. Thats cool, but on another blog you wrote in Jan of 2005 about Mr. Terhune having three diamonds in his group after being in Oasis for 18 months which would put him at May of 2004. Sorry to be all stuck on this but it just blows my mind that he is a diamond in Oasis from all the interaction and the way he presented himself. And it really does seem that he was grandfathered in. When he said he was joining YL he even said he was not involved in MLM and had been just a consultant for years and had been offered by several companies to be grandfathered in and said he said no. And YL would not grandfather him in which I know is true because when I spoke with him at our last convention his rank on his tag was lower than mine he was near the bottom of our comp plan. So maybe you can understand why to me is really seems he was given a downline. Don't really care either way just trying to wrap my head around it.

  25. John and Marshall Douglas came into Oasis at the same time with John sponsoring Marshall. Marshall engaged right away and built a very large group, while John was busy with other things, apparently YL.

    So when John engaged 8-9 months ago, Marshall was already well on his way.

    In light of all of that, the average time it takes to go diamond in Oasis is one year.

    I acheived Platinum in less than one month and my sponsor, Bo Short went Diamond in less than one month.

    All the best ~


  26. Awww now I see thanks Ty now it makes a bit more sence to me. Thats pretty amazing that you guys go diamond so fast. Do all you guys just know tons of people? haha

  27. Dave,

    The secret is the product. Lead with an impact product and people may get excited about the business as well. Lead with the business and people will quit buying the product when they disengage from the business.

  28. Hmm…so if I take my whole Platinumship w/ me from Quixtar & BWW to Oasis, will I be a pink Diamond? Sorry, but I'm just trying to connect the dots here. Whenever I hear someone achieving a level of success quickly and they came from a different company, they always state how fast it is to "make it" thus giving a false sense of credibility. What I'm saying is whether it's Oasis, Xango, ACN, Noni, Pre-paid Legal, etc., if you took your whole Passport business into any one of those companies, it would give the look of "success". Am I wrong?

    I'm not saying they would, but if they did:
    If the DeVos and Van Andel families ALL changed to Oasis, would they be triple ripple green, blue, black diamond? Then Oasis can put them up as poster childs and show to everyone that someone "made it" in a week! How about that?

    Now that I think of it though..if you were the "President" of Passport, but now a Platinum, that leads one to speculate your leadership ability. I would assume that a President of a company would have a business large enough and be such a leader that many would follow into this new endeavor (Oasis). I would assume that you being the President, that when you did transfer to Oasis, that you'd be a Diamond in one month and have Platinums under you. So now (in my opinion), I would have to question the size of yours and Bo's Passport business BEFORE you transfered to Oasis.

    So, how much work did you actually do? Will the brand new person who registers today have the same opportunity? Maybe you can enlighten me? I do agree w/ leading with the product. That's something we've been practicing for some time now. I hope there's enough leaders in your group to teach that philosophy so it doesn't become diluted in the bottom. There's crazy distributors in every company, not just Quixtar. How do you "teach (control)" them? It's interesting, because there's not much mention of products on this site. Maybe I just missed it, or not looking hard enough?

  29. Passport was never a large company and we never claimed to be a large company. So I'm not sure where you are getting the "questioning the size of my group".

    Regarding your Platinum business in Quixtar, if it is solid, you could go Diamond in Oasis in 6 months. Diamonds in Oasis make between $12,000 and $60,000/month. By the way, a Platinum in Oasis is equal to an Emerald in Quixtar.

    As for me personally, I worked hard for 5 years in Amway and for 2 years in Passport. That work enabled me to go Platinum very fast in Oasis. (The fastest in the history of the company)

    Am I the average guy? Of course not. But I do have guys that did not bring a group with them, that were never involved in Passport and they made between $1,000 and $2,000/month in the first 2-3 months.

  30. Wow you can really get a mind warped in this blog. I just hope that the new guys don't get all wrapped around the axel by your posts. I liked the post about developing in to a leader. No matter what business you are in you will have to develop in to a leader to build a large business. Some start as a leader, some become a leader, and some don't in any business. All the numbers in this month or that month don't matter. Because I gaurantee there are dozens and dozens of diamonds about to break in Quixtar. Oh and the tools biz is not a big secret anymore. So you get there and you earn the right to speak, then what is the big deal on compensation for it. But the money is big on the Quixtar side to, the plan shows $150,000 and many make more than that. They make new money all the time, new bonuses. So make your assumptions, accusations, you'll never make a dent in Quixtar. Especially with a new PR campaign coming out. It's not all about sitting home and making money…if that is what you want then look in to another biz, it is about building people, helping people, in many ways that just happens to include money. Take care! If it is worth doing then it is worth doing right and with the right people. Hope you all find the business that is right for you and stick with it. Never quit, never leave your team, and then people will stand with you no matter what, and you will have a willable passive income that will last forever.


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