On his new web site, Don J Lorencz talks about qualifying Diamond:

I joined Amway in Alberta Canada in February 1989 and was part of the True North, Wilson, Yager organizations and soon after I built my business to the diamond level I realized that the Crawfords, Towers, Wilsons and Yagers of this world appeared more interested in ‘getting rich’ off of selling tapes, books and function tickets to ‘their group’ than they did in ever helping anyone build their Amway business!

As of August 03, 2005, I have disposed of all of my interests in any business associated with the Amway Corporation or Quixtar. Up until that time my business was and is still be referred to as a ‘Diamond’ business even though I only qualified as a diamond for the one year that I went diamond and the business never ever re-qualified diamond.

Today this business which is owned by Allie & Ken Murdoch is still referred to as a diamond business on the True North stages at all functions. The main reason I left the Amway/Quixtar business was because of the dishonesty in the business and this is a prime example. If the powers to be still refer to a business as a diamond business even though it has not been a diamond business in over seven years, and even if it doesn’t qualify at the emerald level, what other ‘stories’ are you being told to believe?