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Quixtar University Coming Soon


Free training for Quixtar IBOs is coming soon to Quixtar U.

From the site:      

Increase your confidence, broaden your understanding, and take advantage of free business training at Quixtar University.

Each course is specifically designed to teach you about significant aspects of
  this business, enhancing your  profitability and growth.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of a wide range of these business topics:

  • Learn about premier Quixtar products
  • Master essential selling techniques
  • Acquire the skills necessary to run your business

Get started today! To access Quixtar University courses, please login.

When asked what he thought of the idea, Ron Puryear gave the following quote (not really – I kid):

What in the @*&%$#! is going on over there at Quixtar? If they keep this up, I might have to sell my house.


  1. This looks exciting, I may pull my Quixtar business (1000 PV) off the back burner and enroll in Quixtar University and move forward with the company and not worry about who wants my tool money, what they do with it and how much those CD's with non english-speaking Diamonds really cost. At least when I give Quixtar my money they send me energy drinks and protein bars. Who knows maybe they will rekindle my fading belief in their opprotunity.


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