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Quixtar “Will” TV Ad


I like this ad…it doesn’t explain anything about Quixtar, but I like the message. It is probably true that if I wanted to have a group of several hundred people losing money, Quixtar would help make it possible.

Update: A friend of mine made an interesting observation. Notice how the ad doesn’t mention results. They mention effort and determination that produce hope. Hope don’t pay the bills sister.

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  1. Great ad, and yes, I love the way it shows the importance of planting seeds. It's really up to the people in the field to come up with a way to attract people to their organizations. Great ad, I like it.

    Also, great blog, good resources.

  2. Yes, alot of people lose money in Quixtar. With poor minded, no future thinking people that are not successful in anything! But the "NUMBERS" do show that with average leadership and a fair, not great, attiude that those do make alot of money! So if you would like to talk "numbers" lets talk, because I can show and do my checks! I began my business 11 monthes ago and quit my job 6 monthes ago!

  3. Let's see. 5 years in Quixtar, made $1,000 in my best month, paid out $500 and spent another $400+ going to a function.

    2 Years out of Quixtar, nearing 6 figure income with Univera LifeSciences.

  4. Business Opportunity or Pyramid Scheme?
    The Facts

    Some people confuse the Amway business opportunity with disreputable pyramid schemes. However, there are major differences, which have been officially recognized by the US Federal Trade Commission.

    Multilevel or "network" marketing is a lawful and legitimate business method that uses a network of independent business owners to sell consumer products supplied by an established company. Business owners merchandise products to consumers, not in fixed retail stores, but through person-to-person relationships between business owner and customer. Business owners can also build and manage their own sales-force by recruiting, motivating, supplying and training others to sell those products. Compensation then includes a percentage of the sales of the business owner's entire sales group as well as earnings from their own sales to retail customers.

    Pyramid schemes are illegal scams in which participants invest a large amount of money in exchange for the promise of receiving profits by recruiting additional participants to make a similar investment. Pyramid promoters sometimes try to make their schemes resemble multilevel marketing methods by introducing a product line. However, little or no effort is made to actually market the products to consumers. Instead, compensation is paid for recruiting.

    The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is based on retail sales to consumers, not empty "get rich quick" promises demanding that you hand over large sums of money. In fact, only a small fee is required to become an Amway business owner and that cost is refundable should you decide to leave the business for any reason. In 1979, the US Federal Trade Commission ruled that Amway is a legitimate business opportunity.

    Amway does not require its Business Owners to buy inventories of stock, and does not impose a minimum order value. While business owners can earn bonuses from sales made by people they recruit into the business, Amway does not pay bonuses for the mere act of sponsoring another person.

    The Amway Plan has been recognized and cited by federal and state courts as the example that multilevel marketing plans should follow.

  5. They will always bash Quixtar & the people in the business…….no matter what we say. They quit to be better than us but all they do is talk bad about us to get people to join their business! Pay no mind to them since they are just negative about the business.


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