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Quixtar’s Stellar IBOs


Another Quixtar IBO crosses the line.

This is beginning to look like one of those, "what the hell?" weeks in Quixtar News.

First we had the semi-naked model trying to get you to buy Quixtar products, now we have the Quixtar On The Road Racial Slur Blog.

What’s next? Mass firings and Dexter getting kicked off the board? Oops. Did I type that?


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"Ty Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur, author and Work At Home Dad who lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur and Success From Home magazine and is considered by many as the # 1 blogger in the world on the subject of Network Marketing. Author of the book, ‘Double Your Income with Network Marketing’, Ty teaches lead generation strategies through social media and blogging to tens of thousands of Network Marketers around the world."


  1. This is what you really want to do? You want to misrepresent a respectful tribute to a rule-breaking comedian like Richard Pryor to get your jabs in at your competitor? What a commentary on your character. The "racial slur" in the title of the linked post was in quotes which means it was something Richard Pryor said, not some Quixtar IBO.

  2. Eric,

    Richard Pryor stopped saying the N-word in 1980 after being moved by a visit to Zimbabwe. Using that word is never respectful. It's stupid and disrespectful and never appropriate. This is not about being P.C., it's about respect.

    Why should some white guy on a blog say the word when Pryor hadn't said it in over 25 years?

  3. Interesting. Pryor's breakthrough album was titled "That Nigger's Crazy" and one of the things he (and others like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin) worked to do was remove the social stigma of many words and emphasize the context in which those words are used rather than simply the words themselves.

    Also, since we're exchanging facts Pryor visited the country of Kenya and it was 1979.


    "His visit to Kenya in 1979 was life-changing and resulted in a condemnation of the word nigger."

    That quote appears on his own site, including the word "nigger."

    It's all about context.

  4. I am one that believes the term is offensive in almost any context. However I do not find it offensive when it was quoted regarding his choice to stop using the term because of his trip Afrika. I do find Dave's quote offensive. That's my opinion. If you think that reflects on my character, so be it. I stand by my opinion. Dave could have quoted a million wonderful lines from Pryor's work without using a term that Pryor chose to distance himself from over the last 25 years.

    In addition, if you (Eric) are questioning my facts, perhaps you should write a letter to your bretheren at the L.A. Times (as published in the Seattle Times):


    "Mr. Pryor was ever-changing, reconsidering himself, his choices: A trip to Zimbabwe in 1980, for example, led him to excise his frequent use of the "N-word."

  5. Ty,

    I just wanted to acknowledge that I have read your comments and others regarding my recent tribute to Richard Pryor.

    The term I used is an offensive word used with great power in the early career of Richard Pryor; a tribute to his comedic genius in exposing those things that made us wince and laugh at the same time.

    You are entitled to your opinion and I'm glad that your reading of my entry verified your strong committment to villify that type of epithet.

    I do disagree with your characterization that the entry had anything to do with Quixtar, but I also understand that including Quixtar in any entry on a blog aids in attracting traffic, and I do mention Quixtar in my blog frequently although my blog has never been solely about Quixtar.

    In fact, my first love is and always will be comedy, and thus my tribute to Richard Pryor comes from a "comic's heart" not from any MLM angle.

    Thanks for reading On The Road With Dave, and even though I may have offended you and possibly now have lost a reader, I hope you understand that if you got past the controversial title of the entry, there was nothing but admiration in the body of the entry, so I can not offer an apology.

    If you choose to continue to read On The Road With Dave, I can only promise that like you, I will always call it, like I see it.


  6. I just got what was on Richar Pryor's own website. Seemed like a good source to me.

    And the L.A. Times is a rag, never trust anything that comes out of California. ;o)

  7. Dave,

    While I can appreciate a tribute, I do not appreciate the title. Simple as that.

    I spent many late nights, sitting about 2 inches from the TV (so that my mom didn't hear), watching and listening to Richard Pryor Live on HBO – circa 1981-82ish, giggling at every f-bomb and shocking joke.

    If the purpose of your title was to shock people, it worked. If the purpose was to honor Richard Pryor, I don't think it worked. Just my opinion and you know what they say…

  8. Ty,

    You really took this one out of context. You allow people like Imran to use the term "desi" towards IBO's, but yet, one IBO uses the N word as a Tribute to a fellow comedian and you naturally take it out of context. I suspect a few of these comments will be deleted, I am sure there will be a post somewhere if they are. Also, just because Richard Pryor visited Africa has nothing to do with using that term. So delete this comment if you need to but I did save a copy of it, and it'll turn into a post…

    Grabbing at straws indeed!

  9. Wow – how desperate can one get? Obviously the ever-revolving mlm search for Ty has him now only using and abusing others for his own gain.

    Dave has done nothing but act professional toward Ty for years – and, in return Ty uses and abuses Dave's moving tribute only in an attempt to gain a little more traffic. The real Ty has clearly left the house – maybe he went looking for his Passport. Sad when people turn on others that have acted in kindness toward them just for another hit or two. And, just what season are we in? Obviously for Ty it's the Mean Season. Nice, very nice. An apology is in order – but I seriously doubt we'll see it.

  10. An apology? Kent, you are a joke.

    I am not going to reveal the personal conversation we have had about your company, but talking to me about the ever-revolving MLM search is comical.

    I disagree with the use of the term. Simple as that. I don't dislike Dave, I just think he was off-base and I have a right to point that out.

  11. So far, a bunch of white guys (mostly from the south if I am not mistaken) are telling me that I'm off base. When a black person tells me that I am off base, I will consider apologizing.

  12. Ty,

    It's fine with me, if you think it's off base to apologize, as I said I can't offer an apology for what I wrote, because I, too, feel that I am not off base. It's like you stated, everyone is entitled to their opinions, including all those who have commented.

    But what does my being from "the south" have to do with it? I'm just curious.

  13. Ty – I can appreciate your disagreement with Dave. It's the manner in which you presented it – as an attempt to link Quixtar and racism and sensationalize your blog that is not only toxic but simply an attack on someone that has shown nothing but kindness toward you.

    It's called the law of sowing and reaping Ty. You will never succeed at building yourself or your company up by tearing down someone or something else. It will continue to manifest itself in failure for you. Goodness knows I need help in my daily efforts here, but, I've stated this to you on several occasions. Passport no longer exists for this very reason – whether you admit that or not.

  14. Dave,

    I think you know exactly what I mean about the South.


    Why don't you enlighten us with your success in Quixtar, since you seem to be an expert in success?

    How much was your last Quixtar or MLM Bonus check?

  15. You allow people like Imran to use the term "desi" towards IBO's, but yet, one IBO uses the N word

    Michael, you don't know what you are talking about? Desi is not = Nigger / Paki hence not a racial insult. Any one from India / Pakistan is a desi. I'm a desi. It is a fact that desis are one of the growing groups in Quixtar, while many others are shrinking. Which tells something.


  16. Context is everything. And I mean everything.

    I think Dave was very appropriate in his tribute to Richard Pryor. The word Nigger itself is not offensive. It's the way one uses the word Nigger that can create destructive.

    Dave didn't call Pryor a Nigger. Nor did he use the word Nigger to insult. If there was any one comic alive that can be best associated with the word Nigger, it would be Richard Pryor. And even when he got back from Africa, he didn't stop saying the word Nigger. He stopped using the word in reference to black people.

    But if we're going to directly relate his life to the word, allow me to quote Pryor in his autobiography after he came back from Africa. "Nigger. I decided to take the sting out of it. Nigger."

    I won't say directly that you're off base on this one Ty. After all, I'm only half black.

  17. Shawn,

    Should I issue 1/2 an apology? = )

    Seriously, thank you for your input.

    I think I have outlined my opinion enough. I simply believe a different tribute would have been more appropriate.

    I do find it interesting that my disagreement with a guy that posts the n-word in the title of a post on his blog is called sensationalism, while posting the word with the obvious intent to shock is OK.

  18. Imran,

    Thank you for the link and here's a great quote from it:

    The term desi:

    "It is an umbrella label for a very racially/ culturally/ linguistically/ religiously/ geographically and otherwise diverse group of people, similar to a term like "Latina" or "Latino, or "people of the African diaspora".

    I have a link for you Imran:


    "Historically, African Americans have appropriated the slur, subverting it to a self-referential term that is often suggestive of familiarity, endearment, or kinship"

    Nothing wrong with the term itself if it's used in the right context.

    Ty one Qustion, If Dave was just any other comedian, and NOT an IBO, would you have mentioned anything?

  19. Ok Michael, I guess you learn by doing things yourself. Ask any Indian or Pakistani, "I'm looking for a Desi hotel to eat some Desi food"

    And then ask a black guy, preferably big, "I'm looking for a Nigger hotel to eat some Nigger food."

    I'll send you a "get well soon" card if you survive from:

    – Spicy but yummy desi food
    – and free style bangs …. 😉

  20. Michael,

    This is the MLM Blog. I was a Quixtar IBO, as a matter of fact with your pals at WWDB. Dave is a Quixtar IBO. Quixtar is MLM. I write about Quixtar and MLM. If Dave was simply a comedian with a blog, I doubt I would have even read it.

    Speaking of Quixtar, has anyone gone Silver without using the Quixtar Motivational Scams yet? Michael? Kent? Anyone?

  21. TY,

    Nice try on changing the subject. Indeed I am in WWDB, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out Ty. I have WWDB.com linked on my blog. I haven't used the motivational tools in my business since 2003 and I am close to requalifying platinum. Also, you can't GO platinum using motivational tools, you can only retail products to get PV/BV. You're grabbing at straws.

  22. Michael,

    For someone that doesn't allow comments on his blog, you sure like commenting.

    Tell me. Did you build your business to the Platinum level with or without using WWDB tools?

    By the way, you are wrong. You CAN'T go Platinum without using the tools scam. At least I have never heard of anyone doing it. The scam is what holds Quixtar together.

    We all know it isn't the $80 vitamins and 1959 compensation plan.

  23. Wow, quite the discussion.

    The N word is extremely insulting. No doubt. I think from what I've seen, Dave is a good old boy who would never offend anyone on purpose. Skyler is another matter…..But Dave was paying homage to a great man, and using his words to do so.

    Ty is insulted by racism….as we all should be. He is also right. It's a horrible word when used to insult. There's no excuse for using racism to cut someone down.

    I don't think Dave was cutting him down though…..

    Nice to see another vibrant discussion, even if it's not MLM related.

    Imran, you silly desi you. Good explanation of desi.

    Michael, it is true. You don't allow comments on your blog. You also aren't likely to maintain a platinumship without the system…just ask your upline, I'm sure they'll concur. You should allow comments on your blog. Unless you are not truly believing in what you say.

    Love you all to death…..but I am pretty sure Dave wasn't being malicious. And I'm sure Ty is not just trying to be a dink.

    I guess sometimes you can both be right….

    Laer, Skaters

  24. TY and Rocket,

    Allowing comments on my blog has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Also, as a blogger it is a personal choice whether to allow comments or not. You have your opinions, I have mine.

    You are right Ty, I do use tools to build a business, but not the motivational tools.

    Ty and rocket, with all due respect, this isn't going to be a pissing match with me. All I am defending is a fellow IBO's point of view. I've said my peace and thats that.

    Grow up.

  25. "Ty and rocket, with all due respect, this isn't going to be a pissing match with me. All I am defending is a fellow IBO's point of view. I've said my peace and thats that." – Michael

    Is that because you can't defend your business?

  26. Isn't it nice though, to be able to say your piece Michael, no matter what it is? It's nice to comment on people's posts, isn't it?

    Perhaps you could reciprocate on your blog.

    Unless of course, you cannot defend your position.

    That's the point I think Ty was trying to make. I agree with him, and feel that you have a hard time defending your position.

    Which is why you don't allow comments.


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