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Shaklee Part of Bay Area U.N. Global Warming Partnership


The United Nations has launched a unique partnership with the US
city of San Francisco, the Bay Area Council and a wide array of
businesses in the region to combat global warming.

The world body hopes that it would provide a model that businesses and cities across the world could follow.

initiative, the Principles on Climate Leadership, will give businesses
in the area a framework to address climate change as well as a forum to
share best practices to reduce greenhouse gases through, for example,
setting company-wide emission reduction goals or providing
transportation alternatives for employees.

It will also create a
model for climate action in the commercial and public sectors that the
UN Global Compact will seek to place in companies and cities around the
world. The Compact is an initiative started in 1999 to advance good
corporate citizenship and responsible globalization.

More than 20
companies from a variety of sectors including Gap Inc, Google and
Shaklee officially endorsed the Principles and also announced the
setting up Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) at a special event
in San Francisco, the city that gave birth to the UN with the signing
of the Charter in 1945.

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  1. If Shaklee really wants to impress me, then they'll clear up the global warming problem occurring on Mars and other planets in the solar system besides Earth. Their whole view on global warming really makes me doubt the science behind any of their products.

    Btw, we could really use some global warming out here in the Midwest. It has been ridiculously cold the last few weeks.

  2. No offence … well, maybe a little bit … but are you folk *that* ignorant about global warming? The models *predict* there will be more severe cold spells as a result of warming.

    The "mars warming" and other planets warming stuff is BS by the way. The Mars warming is based on one spot near the south pole. Check out realclimate.org

    You guys need to change channels off FOX

  3. You're kidding, right?
    What's the #1 source of energy on the planet? The Sun.

    Guess what, the sun goes through 1500 year cycles, and about 1500 years ago it was warmer than it is today. That's why they called Greenland GREEN-land then, and why now it's covered with ice.


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