Spammy hype artists and teeth whitening aside, I am really excited about the current trends in Social Media Marketing.  Your ability to quickly create an audience for a product, service or brand has never been easier.

Here are two things to think about as you consider adopting Social Media into your marketing.  I am also including some snips from non-MLM subject experts so that you can see how the "outside world" is lining up with MLM:

Be unique and interesting.

Here is a snip from from Seth Godin:

The idea is pretty simple–find a small group that cares, give them something remarkable and make it easy to tell their friends (the folks who don’t care as much).

It’s all about the relationship.

Check out this snip from Social Media Guru, Chris Bogan‘s blog (he’s talking about a brand of soap):

Relationships Help Sell

It doesn’t hurt that the product is really good, but what made them come to mind was all the times we’ve chatted on Twitter, and/or seeing their social media conversations unfurl on Facebook and other platforms. They’re friendly. They’re part of the story. They’re here.

It’s not enough, obviously. Being around and chatting with me on Twitter doesn’t help if your product stinks. But here’s where it helped: when I realized that I was almost out of soap, they were top of mind.