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Some Things Are Best Not Network Marketed – Part II


In part II of ‘Some Things Are Best Not Network Marketed" we will look at the characteristics of a good MLM product:

1. Consumable. You should be able to use the product and then buy more the following month.

2. Profit margin. There should be a decent profit margin in the product so that the company and the distributor can each make a nice markup.

3. Unique. The product should have unique selling points.

4. Weight. The product should be light weight enough to be shipped economically.

Some examples of good MLM products:

  • Nutritional Products
  • Niche Skin Care
  • Niche Cosmetics

Nutritionals make a nice product because the ingredients can be unique, they are generally purchased monthly, they are lightweight and typically have a high profit margin. If I wanted to launch MLM Blog Nutritionals with a high quality daily vitamin, I could have it manufactured for less than $5 per bottle. Many companies turn around and sell that bottle for $30.

Part III will deal with products that are not good for longterm success with MLM.

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