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By popular demand, I am launching a new series of posts based on the Network Marketing income results when a person sponsors 3 people who sponsor 3 people and they all do $100 in volume.

We will show two companies at a time and then we will keep a running tab on the results at the bottom of each post.

I will show all of the math and the comments will be open for any questions, corrections and debate. 

On with the show…

3 who sponsor 3 and each do $100

Quixtar with best Nutrilite Product:
$100 worth of Double X = 131 BV
12 x 131 BV = 1572
PV = 540 (6% Bracket)
1572 x 6% = $94.30
1572 / 3 legs = 524
524 x 3% = $15.72
$15.72 x 3 = $47.16 (pay out to 3 legs)
$94.30 – 47.16 = $47.14 Profit

Quixtar has a stairstep breakaway compensation plan.

Univera with Ageless Xtra 2-1 Combo
$100 = 76 PV
76 x 3 = 228 GV (Group Volume – Level 1)
Group Volume on Level 1 is paid at 15%
228 x 15% = $34.20
76 x 9 = 684 GV (Group Volume on Level 2)
684 x 10% = $68.40
$34.20 + $68.40 = $102.60 Profit

Univera has a hybrid unilevel plan plus daily pay and generational depth bonuses.

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  1. That is a really good demonstration of how bad the Quixtar compensation plan is compared to the Univera plan. It is good to compare apples to apples.

    Now, here is the bad news. Most people in MLM find it very difficult to sponsor 3 and much more difficult to get those 3 people to sponsor 3 of their own. So, while these numbers look good, their likelihood of happening is not good. Of course it is still way more likely than 6-4-2 or 9-4-2.

  2. I have three realtors who sponser three, who sponser three, each selling two homes a month for two hundred and fifty thousand each. I can beat your deal any day. the three's in our business, will set you free.


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