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Stop the MLM Video Madness


File this one under mad rants.

I look at so many Network Marketing lead capture pages, blogs and web sites each day that after a while some things begin to really drive me nuts.

Tonight I reached my maximum of ugly people that can’t talk. Why do these people think it is a good idea to put a YouTube clip of themselves in front of their computer blabbing about making money.

A web cam and YouTube account should not be a free license to produce crap.

If you are ugly, you better be funny and/or entertaining and if you can’t talk, you better be hot.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you a guy that is entertaining, but he might think that he is entertaining in a different way than I do….but it is entertaining.

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"Ty Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur, author and Work At Home Dad who lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur and Success From Home magazine and is considered by many as the # 1 blogger in the world on the subject of Network Marketing. Author of the book, ‘Double Your Income with Network Marketing’, Ty teaches lead generation strategies through social media and blogging to tens of thousands of Network Marketers around the world."


  1. LOL, Ty. Goes to show how our patience can really wear thin as time goes by. You wrote about this guy back in October…"My wife and son are now singing the song around my house. Dear God, what have a I done?" 😛

    I guess no Metwork Marketing company picked up his song like he was hoping. For starters, it could be due to the fact that his guitar is TOTALLY OUT OF TUNE. Whew. At least his heart is in his NWM business. That counts for something.

    Shine on,

  2. To be honest, the Network Marketing song video might be one of the most entertaining MLM videos out there.

    Every time I watch it, I am "entertained".

  3. Ty,
    I'm hurt bro.
    I thought I was sexy??
    My wife tells me all the time I'am.
    My mom says I'm handsome, doesn't that count??
    Someone has to give us old guys a little love.

  4. Ty,

    At least this guy doesn't spam youtube. I've watched several times, and it's catchy. I almost posted it to my blog a few times…


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