By Dan Hatfield

As we approach the summer season, all sorts of excuses come to mind
for both us and our prospects in relation to our business. As relevant
as some of these new situations (such as the kids getting out of school
for the summer) may be, network marketers must keep in mind that lack
of action leads to lack of results. The best way to remedy this problem
is to increase activity.

In order to get the same results, one
must increase activity. Of course we assume that we’ll be keeping a
balance between quantity and quality in our prospecting efforts as
usual. So all other things being equal, strive to do 10-20% more every
week or day. Keep in mind the long term perspective of why you’re in
the business to begin with to help you stay motivated. Then use this
strategy to provide “coverage” for this time of year.

In doing
so, you provide yourself an increased competitive advantage. There are
still people who will be seeking a business to become involved with or
who could benefit from what you have to offer from a retail
perspective. Be sure to harness the power of sustainable motivation in
your marketing efforts as always.

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