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Super Juice Deals: Xango, Monavie, Tahitian Noni


Let me start by saying that Xango, Monavie, and Goji are good products. Even Tahitian Noni is a good product, especially if you like the taste of melted tires and prune juice.

The problem with these good juice products is if they are really good, they will show up in Costco and GNC, because there is nothing unique about juice. You can’t patent juice.

I was in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and had a couple of minutes to kill so I walked into a GNC. On one shelf I found every juice product being sold in Network Marketing today at 1/3 of the price. When you can get the exact same product that provides the exactg same benefit for 1/3 of the price, that will start to erode your business.

I believe that Xango is hitting a wall now (in growth) mostly because the once unique mangosteen product is not so unique any longer. In fact, Costco has a more potent mangoteen product for less money.

Bottom line, look for a Network Marketing product that is unique.

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  1. i found a products simular to Tahitian Noni at wal-mart. i would have to say the juice is loosing its juice in the mlm market. and landind in the the local store's. at a cheaper price. with the same amount of ingredents in the product's.

  2. I always thought Telecommunications suffers from this kind of flaw also. Around the world Telecommunications tends to be dominated by some very very large companies that often started with market monopolies. If you start with a Telco network marketing company with better services at a better price, eventually the giants will notice and match or better your offer – at worst you go out of business, at best you have to drop your prices and your income drops.

    Essentially, being too successful will predictably damage your business!

    What do you think of this analysis Ty?

  3. I agree. Telecommunications and technology in general can be difficult for a couple of reasons.

    First, even if people want to support your business, most are reluctant to switch their phone service to something they have never heard of.

    Second, technology can change so quickly, I have to wonder if the technology MLM companies have pockets deep enough to keep up.

    See: Music Downloading and Video e-mail.

  4. More on Telecom:

    There is one Telecom MLM that is free to start (last I checked), called Cognigen. If you are an experienced networker, I could see adding this type of company as a secondary business as well as marketing it to other networkers.

  5. Oxyfresh has 2 very unique liquid nutritional products. Primorye is a patented blend of adaptogens that you cannot get from foods. 50 years of clinical trials have proven that Primorye reduces stress and restores cells.
    Lifeshots is a blend of 13 antioxidants, compared to other liquid nutritionals that only have 3 or 4 antioxidants.
    Oxyfresh has been in business for 23 years, and sees the liquid nutritional market as a huge growth area.

  6. We have telco deals as part of my Amway businesses in both Europe and Australia. It is indeed a useful product line, but I wouldn't want it as a primary business.

    Brian – I read up on primorye … it's clinical trials from the 50s, not 50 years of clinical trials. close but no cigar. The fact the oxyfresj website has the wrong Dr Lazerev (Nicolai, not astronaut Vasili) in it's claims about adaptogens doesn't help breed much confidence either.

  7. I know this is an old thread, but have you heard the recent MASS EXODUS in Tahitian Noni?

    Tahitian Noni's biggest leader representing Mexico just left! This guy is in the top 5 in Tahitian Noni's pay plan.

    You can read about it in this blog:

    It's by TopGun, I'm not sure if it's Robert Dean Jr's group or not, but there's a long letter that's on the site.

    I predict Tahitian Noni won't be around for another 3 years.

    Did you know that native Tahitian's call the fruit "Nono" It's actually called the Nono fruit LOL

    But Nono isn't good for marketing, is it? So they stuck with the Hawaiian version, which is Noni. So it's Hawaiian Noni? Nono, it's Tahitian Noni, No?

    LOLOL sorry, I couldn't resist

  8. Funny although with Three Patents on Mona Vie Blends ….”Juice” we stand alone and should not be associated with companies that are trying to be Mona Vie, when we are Mona Vie…


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