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Tahitian Noni International Goes To Tahiti


Last week, Tahitian Noni International (TNI) gathered some of its most dedicated Independent Product Consultants (IPCs), and sent them to the pristine islands of French Polynesia with one goal: to see the origins of Tahitian Noni International and to expand their vision. The Outrigger trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only be rewarded for meeting specific business qualifications, but also to see just how Tahitian Noni International changes lives, and how noni has been changing lives for thousands of years.

For those who qualify, Outrigger is a one week, all-expenses paid trip to the islands of Tahiti — where guests enjoy exquisite beauty, royal treatment, and loads of fun in the sun. IPCs get to see for themselves the Tahitian Noni processing facility and groves of noni trees — where noni fruit is picked and harvested. They also get to enjoy time on the beach, exquisite banquets, Polynesian shows, special entertainment, museums, traditional Tahitian storytellers, and more. IPCs are always impressed with the “legend of the noni, or medicine fruit,” as told by traditional storytellers — where native Polynesians express their love of the noni fruit, and demonstrate some traditional healing remedies used in the home.

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