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Tahitian Noni International Supports Local Charity


Network Marketing companies continue to be a source of philanthropic inspiration!

Sales and service operators at Tahitian Noni International aren’t just helpful voices on the phone — they are dedicated, caring individuals that are stepping up to help local people in need. For the past three months, these operators have been raising money to help Community Action Services of Provo, which offers local food bank services for Utah, Wasatch, and Summit counties. This service comes at a critical time for the local charity. Many groups do special projects to help people in need specifically at Christmastime, leaving donations in October far short of what food banks need.

To help bridge that gap, the sales and service agents at Tahitian Noni International have been holding special activities for the last three months to benefit the local charity. August was their "money war" spare change challenge — where they gathered over a thousand dollars in mostly quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. In September, they raised an additional one thousand dollars by holding seven separate fundraising lunches at Tahitian Noni International Coprporate Headquarters. October was "toilet paper" month, where they had over 1,000 rolls of toilet paper donated to the cause.

With the money raised, they purchased:

120 Jars of peanut butter
1,752 Cans of food (vegetables, fruits, soups, tuna, beans, etc.)
90 Gallons of powdered milk
90 Quarts of juice
117 Boxes of cereal
152 Boxes of mac and cheese

Source: Tahitian Noni International


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