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Tahitian Noni Expanding Product Line, Xango to Follow?


Tahitian Noni, arguably one of the worst tasting juices in the world, is moving away from the clogged MLM juice market with new product lines.

With Xango, seemingly hitting the growth wall, it may be only  a matter of time before the Utah based mangosteen juice company launches new products to spur growth.

Press Release:

Pamper your skin and indulge in an exotic,
Tahitian aromatherapy experience with the new Moéa® Spa Body Soufflé scents from
Tahitian Noni International — Tahitian Lime and Papaya, Mango and
Bougainvillea, and Tahitian Vanilla and Gardenia.

These luxurious moisturizers contain natural elements used for centuries by
French Polynesians to nourish and protect the skin’s appearance. The
Tahitians had an ancient tradition of gathering seeds and nuts and crushing
them to make oils that help hydrate the skin leaving it smooth, silky, and
beautiful.  Continuing this tradition, the Moéa Body Soufflés contain cocoa
seed butter and shea butter to reduce dryness, improve the appearance of
elasticity, and help protect the skin’s appearance against outside
elements.  Noni seed oil hydrates and softens skin while providing valuable
antioxidants.  Kukui nut contains essential fatty acids vital to healthy

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  1. What in the world do you mean XanGo is hitting a growth wall? We are only 4 years old and just getting started. XanGo does not put out its numbers so you could not even possibly know of a growth wall…..so why are you saying this?????????hmmmmmmmm

    Julie Ottaway
    Center Point Tx

  2. Why aren't they releasing numbers?

    I actually called Xango and they would not release any information.

    My information comes from a number of high level Xango associates that have suggested that they are no longer growing a the rate they were a couple of years ago.


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