Is Talk Fusion Really Worth a Try?

Information has become very much available and accessible to people due to the existence of the internet. Not only information overload but people had been exposed to different websites, social networks, blogs, etc. As information increases, reading it becomes a hassle. People also use the internet in communicating with each other through the use of emails and instant messaging and they have been improved by putting video in them. The online industry is one of the fast-growing industries today and Talk Fusion Global makes use of it as business opportunity. Continue reading this Talk Fusion review to learn more about the three important factors for the success of a multi-level marketing company.

Talk Fusion is a multi-level marketing company founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and is the first company that allows putting people to upload videos in their site, edit them and send as video emails. Its first head office is located in the United States and it has already expanded to 85 other countries all around the world. It has other video email products that will be discussed on the next part of this Talk Fusion review.

Talk Fusion Products

Talk Fusion have seven video communications products offered namely:

Video email – with pre-designed templates
Video blog – allows you to share your thoughts through videos
Video share – share videos on social networking sites
Video auto-responder – sends automated video response in real-time
Video conferencing – allows conferencing anywhere, even outside of office
E-subscription Form – create and post customize capture pages
Fusion Wall – first 3D social and business networking global community
The starter package costs $250 and the executive package cost $750 while in some websites that I have visited, the Starter package is $175 and the Executive package is $375, both of them are one-time fess. However, there is a monthly subscription fee that costs $20. Now the question is who can people earn money from these kinds of products?

Talk Fusion: Company

After just a few years in operation, this company already coveted the eighth spot as largest provider of video content in this highly competitive e-commerce industry. It also passed the highest standards of popular search engines such as Yahoo, AOL and Google. The company has expanded with its team of experienced leaders and dedicated and hard-working distributor, Talk Fusion really has a solid foundation that can take them higher in this networking business.

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan

Unlike other multi-level marketing companies, this company based its compensation plan in a binary matrix. Each distributor must get at least two recruits and persuade them to sign up under you and they will be your left and right leg. The income will depend on the average profits of both sides of your matrix. Income is earned either by direct sales of products or selling packages to your recruited distributors.

For every starter package sold, a commission of $25 will be earned and for every executive package sold, $75 will be earned. Residual income can also be earned depending on the income of your down-line. One thing here is certain, you will not earn large sum of money for only a few months here in this business. Hard-work and skill is needed and must use internet marketing to its maximum. The company does not decide the success or failure of their distributors.

The company does not offer any training for internet marketing or for recruiting other people. All things must be done by you alone so study first all the rules and guidelines and other important information that will help you in succeeding in this business.

Talk Fusion Success

The best way to guarantee your success in Talk Fusion is to make sure that you get the proper training and marketing system like iLead System. iLead System is a complete online marketing system that helps you brand yourself with lead capture pages, marketing funnels and weekly training webinars from successful Network Marketers like Ty Tribble, Bo Short and many others.

In summary, Talk Fusion is not really a scam. Just like all other multi-level marketing company out there, it provides business opportunities for people but the outcome depends on each person, whether he/she will succeed or fail. Think first all the pros and cons of being a member of the company before joining.